How to Order Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

how to order marijuana seeds online

Nearly anyone can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online. All you need is the right mode of payment and an internet connection. However, you need to be wary of the risks that come with online cannabis sellers. You can be a victim of fraud or have your money stolen if you are not careful so better to research more on how to order marijuana seeds online.

What should you do to protect yourself and still buy your cannabis starter set? Let us answer that question by showing you how to order marijuana seeds online safely

Tips on How to Order Marijuana Seeds Online

Avoid Links from Emails and Message Apps

A good rule of thumb when it comes to protecting yourself online is to avoid links to seed banks from an email. You should also treat messages from social media sites or apps in the same way.

Search engines have been improving over the years in protecting everyone from malicious sites. If one were to pop up on your search result, you will get a warning about visiting the link. Unfortunately, malicious links can still get through emails and message apps.

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Use Trusted Cannabis Database Sites

A good way of finding legitimate seed banks is to use database sites. These sites give you an overview of what to expect from the online seller and the type of seeds they are selling.

Take note that this is one way of gathering a short list of trusted sites to buy your marijuana seeds. Add seed banks that many database sites mention. Be sure to also check on the description or overview of each seed seller. If there are inconsistent info between multiple cannabis database sites for a specific seller, be wary of them.

Check the Address Bar

You want to see the HTTPS on a seed bank’s URL and not HTTP. The S at the end shows that you are visiting the site through a secured connection. All the data you send to the site will be in an encrypted form. This makes your personal data or credit card information virtually impossible to read by any hackers peering into your connection.

Order with a Secured Payment Method

Using a secured payment method is a good way on how to order marijuana seeds online safely. You want to have a form of protection for your money should anything happen to your order. One popular method is a credit card.

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Despite the many horror stories you may hear about people getting unauthorized charges on their credit card, it is still a good idea to use them. Credit card companies offer liability protection if someone made any unwanted purchases with yours. If you were to make a bad purchase from a fraudulent site or the seller sold you bogus cannabis seeds.

Another method is through an online payment service. Many companies have buyer protection that will get you a refund should your order not reach you. However, not all online payment service is willing to deal with cannabis sellers. Make sure to check on your payment service policies before using them to order your cannabis seeds.

Stay away from Public Wi-Fi

Avoid ordering any cannabis seeds while connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Many criminals might be looking into any data you send to a cannabis site. This includes your password and credit card information.

If you need to buy cannabis seed while outside of your own home, use the data connection to your cell network. When you need to use public Wi-Fi, consider getting a VPN service for your phone. A VPN is a private network that creates a secured connection that encrypts any data you send online. This will help hinder criminals from seeing any sensitive info you use when buying your marijuana seeds.

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Verify a Seed Bank’s Contact Details

If you see a seed bank’s physical address, do some digging by looking it up through business directories and map apps. The company should have the same name listed on directories with the same address.

When there is a phone number on the site, do not hesitate to give it a call. You want to get a professional sounding representative answer your call. While you have the other person on the line, consider asking them about a specific cannabis seed. If no one answers your call or someone replied and told you it was a wrong number, consider skipping the seed bank and look for a different one.

Check for Returns and Refunds

Trusted seed banks are confident in delivering quality seeds. They built a reputation that is worth more than losing money over a couple of seeds. This is why many will offer returns or refunds for damaged goods or missing orders.

Return policies are always a good sign of a competent company. You can always see this policy on their terms and conditions page. Take note of any inconsistency on their return or refund policy. If there are any grammar error or it mentions a different company, the site might simply have copied the policy from another seed bank.

You now know the best way to buy marijuana seeds from online seed banks while protecting yourself. Remember to be alert of any red flag while visiting any online seller. Fortunately, marijuana is worth the risk. As Kurt Vonnegut would say “Marijuana is used in moderation, plus low-class music, make stress much more bearable.”

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