Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds on the Internet?

buy cannabis seeds online

Selling marijuana seeds from a country where marijuana is legal especially if the company is registered and is paying taxes to their government is completely okay but buying cannabis seeds from a country where marijuana is illegal is against the law. There is a big contradiction with the situation like this but these online marijuana seed banks will ship to countries where weed is illegal. For sure, most people who have been buying from the internet know about the situation and they completely accept the fact that buying marijuana seeds on the internet is risky.

The Online Marijuana Seed banks are Legal

Most online marijuana sellers have physical stores or have offices where they ship there seeds from. They are registered companies with license to sell marijuana seeds and are paying taxes to their government. Some may have a disclaimer in their website that says “check your local laws before ordering marijuana seeds from us”.

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These marijuana seed banks offer discreet shipping methods to all countries around the world. There might be some that do not ship to some countries because of security reasons. Some have been selling marijuana seeds on the internet or locally for quite some time now so they know how to deal with discreet transactions.

How to avoid from getting ripped off?

Buying online has a lot of risk of getting scammed or ripped off. While there are a lot of honest marijuana seed banks, there are still those who will run away with your money. Make sure that you avoid from these people. Read reviews about the different marijuana seed banks. There are forums, blogs, review sites and new sites that talk about these online seed banks. You should get an idea of who to deal with the next time you order some seeds.

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You should also make sure that they have good customer service who are willing to help you when you have a problem. Check how easy they can be contacted and the time of the day they are available. There are some which have live chat system on their website and phone numbers. These are the kind of seed banks that you would want to order from because you are sure that you won’t get left hanging when you have a problem with your order.

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