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blueberry autoflower strain

The Blueberry Autoflower Strain is known for its strong THC level and tasty flavor. It is an easy to grow plant and has a lot of medicinal qualities. These strains can also help to ease the pain and can help the users deal with insomnia in it’s a natural and safe way.

Blueberry Autoflower Strain is the product of cannabis ruderalis and blueberry genetics. This crossbreed strain is famous and amazingly appreciated strain to wide autoflowering qualities which lead to tiny plants that are easy to grow and manage.

The strain is best for being deep stoned and body high impact. Though it is not a good strain to use before going out to work or before doing some activity, this strain is best to use before going to bed and to experience relaxing effects also good for some medical conditions. 

The effect of being high and stoned ability os this strain are comes from its genetics which is 70% indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% ruderalis. Indica strains are known for their deeply relaxing effects, healing effects, and sleep-inducing. Blueberry Autoflowering strain gives buds with 14% THC together with a normal level of CBD. This is what makes the strain prominent for both medical and recreational use, with amazing levels of both major cannabinoids. 

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Blueberry Autoflowering strains are also a great choice for breeders who want to have fast yield, or to those who are growing their plants in a secret manner.  These strains are easy to grow in just 8-9 weeks it can grow with a height of 75cm indoors and can be small when growing outdoors.

Growing Blueberry Autoflower strain

Blueberry Autoflower strain is a classic cultivated strain and was originated in the 70s’. For the past years, autoflowering variation has been made which brings all the original characteristics of the Blueberry strain. This plant is an indica dominant strain with a strong bud form. As the buds mixed, which can happen in a few weeks, amazing purple flowers will bloom and it will take another 8 weeks to be done in its flowering phase. This strain can be grown in a cold environment but will also live in humid and warmer weather. It is easy to grow and also recommended for new growers, because of its mold resistance. 

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This autoflower plant only grows in 33inches which is very small for a marijuana plant. But despite its height, it still gives bountiful yields. One thing is for sure about this strain is that it grows in any changes of grow light, and flowers in just a few weeks. 

Harvest Time and Yield

After it’s growing cycle from seeds to buds in 12-14 weeks, the Blueberry Autoflower Strain is real to be a harvest. It is seen if the plant is ready to be harvested because the strong buds will be steep with resin. This strain can produce 150-200 grams/m2 that makes this plant a hight yielding autoflower strain. 

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Blueberry Strain Flowering Time

Blueberry Autoflower needs 10 weeks of the flowering stage. The flowers start 2-4 weeks, and it needs a full 10 weeks to get their full bloom. 

CBD and THC Content Levels

The Blueberry strain has a 16% to 18% THC content and 3% CBD content,  it is an amazing balanced autoflowering strain.  

Taste & Effect

Blueberry is one of the favorites strain of a lot of users. The aroma and taste of the blueberry are strongly enjoyable, and it tastes like berries, very sweet and fruity. This strain is known for its happy, euphoric, sleepy, and relaxing effects. The effects of indica will last for several hours, which is perfect to use at night.

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