What is a Blue Cookies Strain?

blue cookies strain

In today’s generation, people tend to indulge in the cannabis world. There are several types of weeds that can be consumed whether in a medical or recreational field. In terms of medical usage, cannabis can be a great help in treating diseases or issues including anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. that people suffer from. When used blue cookies strain for recreation, cannabis can also be a great help in having fun and elevating or enhancing your abilities to create a meaningful and creative mindset.

A blue cookie strain is considered as an indica dominant type of strain that came from a mixture between Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. It is popular in terms of its high potency content and containing up to 28% of THC levels. This strain has a sweet and fruity scent and tastes like blueberries with citrus. This is known to give a mental high followed by relaxation. It is also prescribed and recommended that beginner users must consume this strain lightly due to its sedative effects and intense high.

Its effects on the consumer

Cannabis consumption can offer you unique effects that can contribute to your feelings. Blue Cookie strain can turn you into a creative type of a person if you’re into an art field. This strain can also enhance your energy throughout the day when doing some workouts and decreases worn outs. Some people tend to feel so unproductive and worthless, this is the perfect way to stay focused on doing extra stuff at work. This cannabis plant can deliver an initial buzz that spreads throughout your body during such time and changes the perception of your environment. This is very enjoyable for hiking or walking because it is good exercise aid. In the medical field, this train can be a great help to patients with ADHD or patients having depression, anxiety. If you are suffering from insomnia, this strain can help you get a restful sleep.

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How to cultivate Blue Cookies Strain

There are ways and methods to cultivate a perfect strain. In order to grow a better weed, you must follow the correct guidelines on how to successfully cultivate it. It can affect how bountiful your harvest can be or how your consumption will be.

This Blue Cookie strain can be difficult to grow if you are a beginner in the cannabis community. You can obtain clippings from mature plants of this strain in order to contain healthy clones. Once you have this strain, you can develop it in indoor or outdoor areas. Outdoor growing needs a moderate to warm climate with a sufficient daytime temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

In an indoor growing, this can be controlled firmly. These short-medium plants can be well fitted to small areas. As a grower, you should regularly trim away broad leaves at the top part of the plant in order to let aeration and light happen.  Flowering can happen within 9 to 10 weeks of cultivation and as a grower this phase of growth you must provide sticks to support the stems of the plant.

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Be a productive producer and supply your plants a sufficient amount of needs to make them grow healthier than ever!

Start you growing today!

You can purchase your own seeds by visiting the local cannabis stores or surfing the internet to find sites that sell this type of strain. Be pleasured when growing this kind of cannabis because it can deliver you a great way to escape daily stress from work. Cultivation needs patience and consistency, and you as a producer need to know precautions you will remember to create a wonderful plant to consume. Start growing today and experience Blue Cookie!

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