Cannabis Strain Information: The Blue Cookies

blue cookies

Blue Cookies is some type of an indica hybrid that gives a great exquisite balance of physical and mental results. This type of strain is created from a Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry that yields a tasty flower with a precise relaxing high. This strain is considered as a potent smoke even for weed experts, they said that Blue Cookies have a THC content that can rise from 20% to 28%. Blue Cookies has its sweet and fruity aroma that’s been said to taste like blueberries and citrus. This strain is highly recommended for beginner cannabis users because of its intense high and sedative outcomes. Its big and chunky structure contains leaves that clump together in long shapes threaded through in red or fiery orange pistils. Just like its parent, this strain has colorful flowers like spring green that fleck with blue and purple shades. With stimulated cold temperature, its pigment colors emerge with high concentrated anthocyanins. Frosty or cloudy trichomes cover the colorful leaves and give them a silvery gloss. Its structure is very tough that it can resist break down easily when using pipes or joints. The visual characteristics match their flavor and turn out to be very excellent.

How does it affect the Users

The users will observe a fruity and dank aroma when using this type of strain. A combination of Blueberry’s berry and GSC’s earthy traits is present upon consumption. When you burn the flowers, it gives a rich smell that is like leather. The smoke can give you a very smooth touch and carries a slight flavor of cherry. Moreover, despite its purple shade, Blue Cookies do not contain a grape flavor because the anthocyanin pigment that causes the color of the strain does not affect the taste. There are several equally made hybrids; Blue Cookies gets the throne with fast and rush buzz. This buzz will spread throughout your body and you will notice a change in perception of your surroundings. The head and body are highly stimulated but now too good, it only keeps the user grounded and able to bend the essence to fit their environment. Blue Cookies is very enjoyable when doing a hike or even walking as it is for an evening couch. The stimulation of mind and body makes it great for an activity that involves both. It is also essential for exercise. Blue cookies can be used in the medical field for both physical and mental needs. The focus effect can treat patients with attention deficit disorders. It can also provide powerful effects on depressed, anxious moods and provide euphoric contentment. Blue Cookies is a good treatment for aches, pains, and nausea; it also treats insomnias and offers deep sleep.

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How to Cultivate Blue Cookies

It’s potent and equal high, seeds of Blue Cookies can be difficult to grow. Growers need to obtain trimmings from mature plants of the strain to develop a healthy clone. Blue Cookies can be developed indoors or outdoors. Outdoor growing needs moderate warm weather with a consistent temperature of 70 – 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor cultivation should be controlled and the short plants can grow well to limited areas especially if producers do some bending and pruning during the vegetative phase. Cultivators should trim their plant regularly the fan leaves in order to let light and better aeration occur. To make the plant convey its colorful trait you should expose it to some colder temperatures before flowering starts. Blue Cookies bloom within 9-10 weeks when developed indoors, and growers should provide supporting sticks to keep the thick buds from weighing down stems.

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Get your Blue Cookies strain Today!

If you start your purchase today, Blue Cookies gives a better taste and pleasant experience. Its potency makes it fun to use for beginners as well as to those professional users. As long as you use it moderately it can deliver a daytime or nighttime enjoyment. Start your purchase today and experience its unique effects. Consult your local cannabis stores to buy these strains or surf the internet and find some online marijuana seed banks that sell this type of strain.

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