Blue Cheese Auto Feminized

A hybrid of seeds that resulted from years of breeding auto-flowering Cheese with the latest strains of auto-flowering cannabis blueberry comes Blue Cheese Auto Feminized. As expected of an auto-flowering, it goes through flowering stage at a faster rate, making it another ideal choice for those who are looking to cultivate a strain that is easy to grow. In addition, this hybrid has introduced favorable flavors among auto-flowering types instead of the usual dry grass flavors.

The plant shows Indica type characteristics with its short and stocky appearance. The stone effect, however, is a combination of sativa and indica properties which provides a euphoric and at the same time functional effect that eventually calms the smoker. In addition, the effects come as long and deep body stone with a relaxing feeling towards the end of the stone effect. It has high THC and CBD contents.

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What is noticeable about Blue Cheese Auto Feminized is the prominent skunky cheese smell with a touch of a sweet smelling plant while it is being cultivated. The cheesy flavor is still apparent even it is being smoked.

As Blue Cheese Auto Feminized is considered to be one of the easy strains to grow, it is also one of the strains that are deemed to survive and grow whether it is planted indoors or outdoors. The unique aroma while growing makes it a favorite choice for growing marijuana in different environments such as in the balcony, winter garden, terrace, indoor farming and even guerrilla planting.

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It could grow to as tall as 1.2 meters when ideal criteria are met for growing it. This includes proper supply of water, lighting, fertilizers and nutrients to name a few. The typical height however is between 60 and 120 cm, where the indoor yield would be around 40 to 135 grams per plant. Outdoor yields are expected to be between 50 to 150 grams per plant.

Where to Buy Blue Cheese Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

You can order blue cheese auto feminized marijuana seeds from an online seed bank and have your order shipped in your address. There are marijuana seed banks with worldwide discreet shipping and there are also those who offer freebies with orders like free seeds, free vaporizer and many others. Order marijuana seeds now to grow your medicine.

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