Blackberry Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

Blackberry auto-flowering is mostly indica. It is the result of the hybrid between Black Domino and Raspberry Cough. It has a tight leaf and branch structuring which is one of the properties found in Black Domino. The flavors are well-liked because of its tropical essence, bringing a combination of mandarin, sweet citrus, and pineapple scents at the same time providing a favorable thick and heavy smoke.

The Sweet citrusy flavor and scent should not be mistaken with its effects which can be potent and will last for a while. When smoked, the effect starts from the head and then going down to the body. This provides a great sensation of ease and relaxation which eventually leads to crawling to bed to get some sleep. In fact, because of these effects, it is highly recommended to smoke this during the night. In addition, the relaxing effect is perfect for those who are suffering from sleep difficulties and discomfort.

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Due to its auto-flowering capacity, it is also one of the strains that are considered to be easy enough for marijuana cultivation without so many restrictions, particularly the lighting. In addition, it is also expected that the harvest period will happen in a shorter period of time due to the auto-flowering ability of Blackberry Auto-flowering.

Under ideal conditions, however, one can expect a yield that would amount to 450 to 600 grams per square meter when planted indoors, where the sources of nutrients are controlled and protected from sudden change of temperature, climate, and attacks from insects.

If you are considering planting Blackberry Auto-flowering, it is important to make sure that, even though this type is not dependent on the lighting in order to go through the flowering stage, monitoring all other factors would greatly help in increasing the yield during harvest time. Such factors include, soil, water, and proper fertilizer.

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Where to Order Blackberry Auto-flowering Seeds?

If you have been searching for high-quality marijuana seeds that you can grow indoors or outdoors then you can order on the internet. Blackberry Auto-flowering seeds are for sale in many online marijuana seed banks that deliver worldwide with a discreet method. Most seed banks accept credit cards, bitcoin, cash in the mail, western union, and Moneygram as their payment methods.

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