Black Widow Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

Black Widow Auto-flowering marijuana strain produce by a mixture of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. It grows thick in bright green color and purple stains. With the production of resin, it appears to be like a cobwebbed with tiny hairs. Its scent has a combination of kiwi and passion fruit with a little of ammonia. Because of its fruity smell expect that it also taste like a fruit and when you start to smoke it up, you will experience a blend of citrus rinds aroma.

Black Widow Strain has a THC level of more than 20%. It is somewhat related to White Widow and has been popular all over the world because of winning several awards. This is an excellent treatment for people who are suffering from anorexia particularly AIDS and cancer because it is said to be an appetite stimulant. As a result, it is considered medical marijuana that is also good in eliminating anxiety and stress which are common problems that people are now going through because of having a hectic lifestyle. It is also suitable for treating chronic pain cause by rheumatism and hemorrhoids. When using it, you will feel a bit drowsy and a mild body high which means you better use it at night. You can easily fall asleep that people who have insomnia should somehow consider.

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Black Widow strain is best to be grown outdoors because it only produces lower yields. For people who are new in growing cannabis, Black Widow seems to be the first option that they have to go for because it is resistant to molds, mildew, and pest meaning you don’t have to spend much time observing it as it grows. Harvest yield can reach up to 350 to 400 grams per square meter for expert growers while amateurs need to expect less.

Where to Order Black Widow Strain?

You can buy Black Widow for cheap from online marijuana seed bank. Online seed stores have more variety of choices for you compared to your local connections plus you are sure that you will be paying less because of the discounts and mark down on prices because of the ever growing competition in the industry. Companies mark down on their prices so that they can compete with other seed stores.

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