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black autoflower

Regular cannabis strains will take up to 12 weeks to bloom. Regular plants also need a 12 hour light and a 12-hour dark schedule to be able to start making flowers. But not all growers are impressed with the long flowering of regular plants. Some would rather cultivate fast-flowering autoflowering strains just like the Black Autoflower.

Black Autoflower are known for their impressive autoflowering characteristics. It flowers very quickly in just 7 weeks from germination. If you are a grower who wants faster flowering times with good yields then this may be the strain for you. Get to know about Black Autoflowering seeds before you start growing this unique strain. 

What is Black Autoflower?

A Black Autoflower or a Blackberry Autoflower is a popular cannabis strain with automatic characteristics. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that blooms fast and gives the best yields. 

Initially cultivated by a Dutch breeder, Blackberry offers a Sativa buzz and relaxing Indica high. It was made by combining the genes of two powerful strains which gives you total relaxation each time you use it. 

Blackberry Autos flower Quickly

There’s no doubt that Blackberry autos are very popular because of its fast flowering time.  If you compare this with regular cannabis, regulars are just starting to grow more parts while Blackberries are ready to smoke. 

The faster flowering capabilities of this strain depend on the maturing age of the plant and not because of how much light or darkness your plants receive. And for as long as you’ll provide the best growing environment, you may grow your Blackberry auto marijuana strains twice or maybe even thrice a year.

How to Improve Flowering Times of Black Auto Plants?

Black autoflowers grow fast and flowers fast, a blessing for all growers. But do you know that you can still tweak this hybrid and grow more buds faster? Here are some time tested tips:

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Explore New Lighting Options

One way to improve flowering time and to increase yields is to bathe your Black Autoflowering plants with high-intensity lighting. Good lighting will help produce larger buds and thus these will be ready for harvest sooner. 

Each grower will have a different opinion as to what type of lighting is best for Black Autoflowering strains but when you consider all the factors that describe the ideal lighting system, LED lights are the clear winner. 

The LED lighting is best for fast flowering Black Autoflower because: 

  • LED lamps offer intense lighting, therefore, you only need a few lamps in a room. 
  • LED lamps will provide good lighting and won’t increase the temperature of the room.
  • LED lamps will not consume a lot of power so you’ll save on electricity bills and still get good yields
  • LED lights are available in different colors (reddish to yellowish and bluish colors) and thus you can use the ideal color to grow your plants.
  • LED lamps to come in updated models with heat sinks, fans, and adjustable heights. 
  • LED bulbs may be the most expensive kind but bulbs have longer lifespans compared to other bulbs
  • LED bulbs are available in different wattages and are found in most hardware shops.

LED lamps designed for marijuana growing are also available in most cannabis growing shops and from online cannabis accessories shops. Make sure that you maintain the ideal distance from the lamp to the buds or leaves to prevent heat burn or light burn. 

Feed the Right Kind of Plant Food

Nutrition is the key to creating faster-flowering plants and when it comes to the right nutrients for autoflowering cannabis like Black Autoflower, the stage of growth of the plant counts. 

Generally, there are two types of plant food for cannabis: plant food during the vegetative or growing phase and food during the flowering phase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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During the vegetative phase, your Black Autos need food that has higher nitrogen. This is a nutrient that helps plants create new leaves, stems, and branches. Nitrogen is needed to enhance plants’ food production and for overall health. 

Your plants need nitrogen to develop strong parts to be able to handle heavy large and dense buds. Black Autos will grow this kind of buds only if you supply it with the best nutrients.

And during the flowering stage, your Black Auto plants deserve the best type of fertilizer and plant food as well. Pick fertilizer mixes rich in potassium and phosphorous and with lower nitrogen levels.

Potassium and phosphorous are minerals that your plants need to grow larger and denser buds which will improve yields.  Take note that your plants would have ceased growing at this time so there’s no need for a nitrogen-rich mix. 

Look for the NPK ratio in fertilizer mixes. NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. The NPK ratio of a mix will give you an idea of how much nutrients your plants will get. 

Commercially-prepared fertilizer mixes vs. homemade mixes

You may be wondering what type of fertilizer to use when growing Black Autoflowering plants: commercially-available mixes or homemade fertilizers? The answer is this: if you have grown plants using a homemade formula then you may try this out. But if y you have no experience with this, it would be best to stick to commercially-prepared fertilizer formulas.

Consider too that cannabis plants have different nutritional needs from regular plants such as flowering plants and vegetables. It would be too costly if you make a mistake at this point so don’t take the risk. 

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Use Good Microorganisms

Aside from nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, your plants also need the help of helpful microorganisms like fungus and bacteria. One such organism is the mycorrhizae which are added to plants when the seedlings are transferred to bigger growing containers. 

The mycorrhizae help plants by bridging the gap between nutrients and the plant roots. It improves soil quality too so it can retain nutrients better. You can purchase mycorrhizae formulations from garden stores online or locally. 

Train Plants Early

Training your plants is a way to improve flowering and yields immensely. Training can be done in low stress or in high stress. 

One of the low-stress training techniques you can use is the screen of green method. You will use a screen on top of your plants during the growing stage. The screen will keep the top canopy flat so that your plants will have equal opportunities to get the best light.

As your plants grow nodes where the buds will develop, these will grow through the screen and thus will also receive light equally. Without the use of a screen, smaller nodes found along the bottom part of the plants will be overshadowed by the main cola that usually grows taller because this gets more light. 

When all the buds get equal opportunities to get more light, these will grow denser, larger, and hence, you’ll get better yields. 

Training using Topping and Fimming

Topping and fimming are high-stress training techniques that may also be used on Black autoflower plants. Although these are effective in growing more yields, these could stress your plants and may postpone flowering for days. But according to growers who have used these techniques, the wait was worth it. 

Topping is cutting away the main cola of the plant. The cut is made about a few millimeters from the base of the bud and will reveal two nodes.  Therefore, topping will double your yield. When it comes to fimming, you’ll get quadruple yields.

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