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biggest yield autoflower strain

Autoflowering marijuana strain is very well-known for a lot of reasons; they are very easy to grow, don’t depend on the photoperiod, have a biggest yield autoflower strain, and can grow very fast, although they stay very short and can survive in cold weather and can survive in tough conditions. 

It’s either you’re searching to grow a quick flowering hybrid sativa or indica, there is probably an autoflowering strain that assures you a magnificent plant that can give you very impressive quality marijuana and the biggest yield autoflower strain.

We have cautiously gathered a Top 7  biggest yield autoflower strain for you to grow for your next growing journey, and these autoflowering strain are all available in Crop King Seeds.

Top 7 Biggest Yield Autoflower Strain

1. Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Mazar Autoflower is the offspring of the two strains which is Skunk Strain mixed with Ruderalis strain and Afghani strain, this plant is also an indica-dominant strain. This autoflowering kind of Mazar gives a quick flowering stage of around 90 days from its germination. It gives the users mild psychoactive effects because of its low THC level content; however; it doesn’t mean that this strain doesn’t have value. Honestly speaking, the incense smell with a hint of citrus made a vivid feeling for its consumers. 

While a lot might not be attracted due to its low THC content, its calming effects are still visible and effective enough to give a pain-free sedative feeling. Though it may not have a couch-locking feeling that other strains give, instead it gives an enough euphoric high effect to the consumers. This indica-dominant can produce a great hight-yields when grown outdoors. 

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2. Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana is a well-known sativa-dominant strain. This made by crossbreeding if and Indica and Sativa genetic characteristics as it owns a Haze and White Widow. This plant is well known to be grown indoors and outdoors in temperate climates and Mediterranean-style. It can also survive with a lot of lights while it can resist molds. If can produce great yields of 650 grams when grown indoors, and it can be harvest in the middle to the late month of October. It can reach a height of 3.5 meters tall, and the aromatic features can be compounded including, noble wood, floral, and lemon. It can be somewhat sweeter because of its indica-leaning characteristics. 

3. Northern Lights X Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Northern Lights is a legendary cannabis strain that is known for its rich earthy flavor and psychedelic strong effect. With the increasing of Cream Auto perfectly magnify what the Northern Lights can do. 

A very huge combination of both strains giving a strong euphoric sense that gives the mind on fire. The body high effect will soon follow, and a very relaxing heaviness of the body will be the result. A lot of its therapeutic benefits comprise of having to move without feeling any kind of pain. It also takes away the eye pressure, the agony of arthritis, muscle spasm, and insomnia. 

4. Critical Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This indica-dominant strain is loved by many consumers because of its THC content which is 14 to 20%. Critical Kush has a lot to give. It is great to consume for recreation use if ever you feel so stressed or tired. 

With just a few tokes you can enjoy its indica effects and mixed flavors that only an indica strain can give. The notes of lemon, pine, woody, and sweet will be mixed up along with the high smoke released because of the flowers when burned. 

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This strain is not recommended for new marijuana growers, because it gets the nature of the Critical Mass when it comes to cultivation. It doesn’t grow tall, though it is bushy that advance later branches to grow. 

5. Grandaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This strain is an offspring of the Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Knowing the Purple Urkle and Big Bud the Granddaddy Purple is sure can please every marijuana smokers. With its fantastic smell and taste and its great yields, you can never go wrong growing and using this strain It also stand-out because of its moderate THC content of 15 to 19%

The Granddaddy Purple is a great strain for new marijuana smokers. Because of its 100% indica strain, it is perfect to use at night time. You can also use it after work to get ready for a deep peaceful sleep. She can assure you with a relaxing feeling with a calming and gentle buzz.

Growing the Granddaddy Purple is great for both experienced and new growers. It can only take 9 weeks, which is very short. Very thankful for its parent’s strains for passing the great qualities to this alluring strain. This plant is very short yet bushy and can give you very satisfying yields. 

6. Lemon Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Lemon Autoflower has a moderate THC content level reaching up to 17%, and also an indica-dominant strain. This tame cannabis strain is perfect to consume for late afternoon smoker or and early evening smoke if you want to smoke as many as possible. The mind-clearing beginning effects are great for those consumers who want to get away with any stressor from the body and mind. As the effects of this strain stir their way into the body, it gives an increased sense of relaxation effect that turns out full bloom at a later time. 


Because of its slow-moving pacing, the Lemon Autoflower is a great strain to consume when you wanted to feel what smoking cannabis is about. You can overindulge with this marijuana strain and have now the risk of experience any adverse or overconsumption effects. Growing this marijuana strain can be done at the time of the year, under the bright warm sun. It has a sweet-tasting and meditative aroma, and it offers more than what it originally seems to be.

7. Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of beautiful cannabis strains that take their time to grow and produce a huge amount of yields This strain is highly recommended for those who have space and time to cultivate this kind of marijuana that has ways to maximize their efforts. And this Amnesia Autoflower is recommended for cultivators who have experienced. It is a fast flowering strain that manages to flower for only 65 days from germination to harvest time.

A lot of its effects are from its Sativa and indica roots, where the mind-rush is very energizing. Its sweet fruity taste makes it a tasty and delicious. And for those users who are after its therapeutic benefits of this strain won’t be disappointed as the relaxing cerebral effect seed to clear the minds from stress and can help you boost the energy to your body. This strain is highly recommended to consume at day time, but you can also use this strain at night.


Autoflowering strains have gained the spotlight they deserve in the marijuana world. Most importantly they achieve a place in a growing room as the cultivator and growers. And a lot of people love these autoflowering strains as they can give the growers very satisfying yields. Above was the top 7 biggest yield autoflower strain from Crop King Seeds that have great high yields.

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