What is the Best Outdoor Autoflower Strains?

best outdoor autoflower strains

To put it very simply, an autoflowering variety of cannabis is one whose genetics allows its flowering to be determined by age, instead of light cycles. This means they often go from seed to harvest in a matter of weeks, allowing for multiple harvests within a season with the best outdoor autoflower strains.

TOP 5 Best Outdoor Autoflower Strains


Many growers have heard about autoflowering strains that are more associated with smaller yields and is surely true in regards to some cannabis strains, Monster Dwarf Auto totally goes against the grain. Though she grows the compact size and tiny, her yields ar big in comparison. This small, yet the high-yielding strain was the outcome o the crossbreeding of the famous skunk strain with the marijuana ruderalis variety. The outcome of this hybrid was a Sativa-dominant with low-CBD content and 12% of THC content. The cannabinoid outline sets her at the spectrum in the label of potency, which the users are looking for. This makes her fine, with the vitalize effects making a clear state of mind and feeling motivated.  

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Monster Dwarf Auto grows so small sizes of 60-90cm outdoors, letting the growers grow and an entire pack of these beauties inside the garden and still easy to be undetected. These plants explode from seed to harvest on as tiny as 8-9 weeks and supply relatively large yield up to 90 grams per plant.


Cream caramel auto has a pretty THC kick and is extremely sweet- producing a very potent experience. In terms of growing these characteristics, cream caramel auto comes from germination to harvest time in just under 9 weeks, it extends with the height of 1m and can create yields of 100g per plant. To sum it up, this cannabis strain is pretty much grown on its own outdoor, with very little help need- matching to the guerrilla grower.


Northern Lights are totally classic, and the automatic variety made to encapsulate completely everything that is cherished and loved about the strain- making a fascinating body stone while mildly boost the mind. 

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The variation of Northern lights automatic is very resistant to the cold weather, pest, molds, and novice errors, creating it for suitable growth throughout Europe, and by growers of all skill levels. She comes from seeds to harvest time in just under 10 weeks, extending it height up to 1.2m and can create yields in  200g per plant, which is very bountiful for an autoflowering strain. 


Royal Dwarf, is a very small plant, making it outstanding for the environment with unnatural space or where the greatest stealth is a must. When smoking Royal Dwarf gives a mild cerebral high and moderate body stone. 

When you grow Royal Dwarf outdoors it basically reaches the height of 60-90cm and can produce 30-80g per plant. In terms of reverse time, Royal Dwarf will harvest in 9 weeks from seeds. This is a great tiny strain for a pastime of a grower looking for a prospective constant reverse time for their personal stash. 


Potent Sativa strain AK-420 is the parent of  AK-420 Automatic and the autoflowering version of it, which gets the genetic diversity from its parent’s strains.: Thai, Colombian, Mexican, and Afghani. This strong parent strain was carefully procreated with a ruderalis variety in order to suffice her with the genetics of auto-flowering.

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The outcome, AK-420 automatic is rapid flowering auto that thrives outdoor and a special inclusion to a marijuana garden. Amidst photoperiod strains, she can give out as an early plus towards the end of the season. AK-420 automatic characteristic high THC levels for an auto, manufacturing the arise of potency within a subspecies that was once connected with the reduced effect. Her mix of Sativa and indica genetics build a high that begins as revitalize and cognitive and comes down the radiance body stone. Also as producing for a fun and enjoyable recreational high, these results can be helpful for medical purposes, a medicine for pain, anxiety, and stress.

After a mere 9 weeks of germination, AK-420 is already ready to harvest. She is ready to be taken out of the garden inside a tiny time window, producing her perfect for growers wanting to remain there working on the down-low. She grows with the height of 1m, making it effortless to hide her among the other plant species, and a fine candidate for guerrilla to grows. She can produce 110-160 per plant when she grows outdoors. AK-420 is one of the best outdoor autoflower strains.

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