best outdoor autoflower strains 2020

Auto seeds came from the autoflower strain of marijuana which are dense in height and have a short life. They only produce few yields compared to the photoperiod however, they can be harvest fast. The autoflowering seeds are perfect for new breeders as they are so easy to grow and cultivate. Although there are many autoflower varieties that you can choose to grow. Here are the TOP 5  best outdoor autoflower strains 2020.


  • Sour Diesel Autoflower

Sour Diesel Autoflower is another version of Sour Diesel strain that is easy to grow. However, their origin of Sour Diesel remains a secret, though it is improved by the new combination of a ruderalis strain that improves its growing capabilities. 

This strain is well-known to its infamy for living a potent and powerful strain. A very inspiring and uplifting strain, although it’s THC content may not have a couch-lock effect instead, it has a long-lasting and mellow effect. The consumers can feel the quick unexpected burst of energy that can make them finish a task.

This strong aroma strain combined with the aroma of lemon enthusiasm is ideal marijuana to smoke in the afternoon. It also has medical benefits that can uplift your overall health by boosting your welfare.

  • Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Diesel Autoflower is perfect for daytime use and a perfect sample of well-balanced strain. It helps in any form of stress, depression, and anxiety and can make the users be creative and be more focus on work. While remaining a well-balanced strain of Sativa and indica, though it is obvious that the Sativa effect has a full form. It is tasty to smoke because of its citrus grapefruit taste, and it is easy to grow plants because of its autoflowering roots. 

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Bred to energize and reduce body pain, this daytime use strain can make you perform very well in every task. As the effect is slowly taking off your body you will start to feel the relived in your muscles pains and smoothly take over the warmth all over your body. 

  • Blue Amnesia Autoflower

Blue Amnesia Autoflower is sweet-tasting marijuana with a magnificent THC level content that reaches up to 18%. This well-balanced strain can quickly affect the mind with a very euphoric buzz that energizes the mind. It can make you intensely be sensitive in ideas that will just keep flowing through the mind. The heightened sensitivity can also clear your thoughts forms anxiety and depression. It can also take away any form of tension in the body.

The body will start healing from pains with just an average use of this strain and can also make you have a good sleep that will fight insomnia. The effect can also stimulate the appetite and can help you gain the weight you lost. This strain can produce great high yields when grown best outdoor autoflower strains 2020.

  • BlackJack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

BlackJack Autoflower has one of the highest THC content reaches up to 24%. This well-balanced strain has a nominal soaring high, that can make you energetic and creative high, which can help you focus and relaxed. This strain can also stimulate your appetite, helps you end hunger.

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It has an earthy berry taste and has the aroma of pine and tobacco when using this marijuana. BlackJack can produce a great number of yields and can only take 8-10 weeks from germination to have flowers and can harvest them in time. With just the perfect conditions, breeders can produce around 400 to 550 grams per plant. 

  • Critical X AK47 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

A hybrid strain that is known as Critical x AK47 is well-known to its evenly-balanced effect from both Sativa and indica. The indica effect of this strain is great sleeping aid and makes you physically calm, while the AK-47 Sativa genes can give a mental effect that can help you with stress and fatigue. These two well-balanced strain resulted in a great hybrid.

This autoflowers seed has an earthy and fruity aroma, that is not expected by the consumers. This makes marijuana more tasty and enticing. Consumers will surely love this strain, which can make them take it hours and hours. 

  • Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana

Northern Lights autoflower cannabis seeds have long, and for a valid reason, been one of the most famous strains on the industry. The Family of the Northern Lights is known for its distinctly iconic fragrance and distinctive stone. That’s why we wanted to take this potent hallucinogen and transform it into a strain of auto-flowering.

This award-winning strain thrives both outdoors and indoor environments. The period to flower should last merely eight weeks. Northern Lights is 10% Ruderalis, 70% Indica, and 20% Sativa. The quality of THC is medium-high at 15.08% and yields can be around 250 grams indoors and 150 grams outdoor.

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Northern Lights AutoFlower strain produces a large, thick, and thick white chocolate buds on top of a huge, earthy Afghan base, oozing a rare combination of honey and musk. The result is Northern Lights pretty much from start to finish, a special kind of high that leaves the body quite fantastic and the mind refreshed.

This strain is assured as a champion of the Cannabis Cup and a fan favorite to offer you and your buddies relaxed laziness and peaceful, gentle time. Depending on either you’re growing cannabis for commercial or personal use, having auto-flowering Northern Lights is the greatest thing you can do with your set.

  • OG Kush Fast Version

OG Kush Fast Version has a different pertain, incorporating the skunk and fuel odor, providing origin to its character trait OG Kush. Thick crystal coatings prove the rich production of trichomes. This strain is shown to be offspring descendant of Chemdawg, Thai Lemon, and an Old World Paki Kush with a powerful Hindu Kush influence, according to the mysterious lineage of OG Kush.

This cannabis is a typical feminized seed with a faster time to bloom. It took up to two weeks to cut the average growth time. This has a spicy and citrusy taste and aroma, offering a euphoric rush, promptly elevating the mood. As your subconscious clears up, an upbeat feeling provides a sense of happiness. Users have reported having more fun and manageable tasks to perform.


With early summer here officially and the marijuana growing plants season about to actually take a swing, almost all growers are thinking about what they will grow. In most instances, it is a regular feminized cannabis variety that is selected but there are other options out there. Autoflowering cannabis strains are rapidly increasing in popularity, particularly when it comes to growing outdoors. With that in mind, we were able to gather out the top 7 best outdoor autoflower strains 2020.

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