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marijuana and pregnancy

Probably you are wondering by now, is marijuana strains safe to take for pregnant women? The answer is that cannabis is made for women who experience morning sickness and it is typical to experience for women who are bearing a child at its first trimester. Furthermore discussions that you will learn about marijuana and pregnancy.

Pregnant women may suffer from metabolic problems if symptoms of morning sickness continue to occur. For pregnant women, morning sickness is like a tension, stressful and it sums up to the point where it’s not good anymore. For pregnant women, vomiting the nutrients instead of consuming them is not good. As to the baby, to feel the stress coming from the mother brings no good. Therefore it is important that women who are pregnant must seek natural, effective and safe morning sickness treatments, if possible seek for a medical treatment. Please note that cannabis is not always the solution, it’s just an alternative for pregnant women to use so that their appetite will come back to life after having troubles in eating. 

Some say that hormonal conditions are responsible for morning sickness, vomiting and nausea. Some say it is also because the heightened senses of a woman make her vulnerable to various smells and tastes. While it is still unknown what causes morning illness, women must look for signs of how to cope with it. For morning sickness, there is no “perfect strain,” and it is not actually about using Sativa or Indica to cope with morning sickness.

Marijuana and Pregnancy what will happen it pregnant women don’t stop using cannabis?

Once you consume a marijuana, always expect its side effects, especially to those vulnerable people like a person with certain diseases or a pregnant woman. Luckily, there are no reports or research on an unborn child or effects of marijuana on a child who has a mother that takes marijuana.  Here are the side effects that mothers who gave birth will experience:

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Poor birth weight

If it’s medical, recreational or therapeutic cannabis, a child may have low birth weight when his mother consumes cannabis. Poor growth limits a baby’s development and this can lead to birth defects. When a mother smokes marijuana, the mother inhales carbon monoxide and this decreases the amount of oxygen that can bind to blood cells. And because of this, blood cells are unable to carry oxygen properly and this contributes to the unborn child’s poor growth. 

Tiny length and circumference of head 

Body structures such as the brain, lungs, urinary system, gastrointestinal system and other reproductive systems of the baby may also be affected or underdeveloped apart from these, this can also affect his circumference of length or height, and head. Usually the lungs are the last ones to develop. It may not be able to fully develop and achieve its full growth potential within the womb when an unborn child is exposed to cannabis. If a mother smokes marijuana before the first three months, her child will be born with lungs that are immature. This suggests that he will not be able to breathe alone, chances are: the baby might have heart failure or hole in the heart, defects and underdeveloped digestive systems. 

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Impact of marijuana to pregnant women and their baby

Mothers who smoked marijuana during pregnancy cause the region of the brain that regulates emotion, called the amygdala, displays abnormal activity. Because adult memory and cognitive abilities can be impaired by marijuana, the result of the baby may have defects in its development. The problem with marijuana and pregnancy is that clinical trials are not feasible and women involved in the study may refuse that they are smoking pot even though they do smoke or downplay how much they have used it, results are more likely unattainable. The impact of THC on the baby results in complications and mothers who smoke cigarettes as well may experience the effects. But because there’s evidence to indicate that marijuana could have an effect on your pregnancy and your child, and there’s a lot that’s not yet completely understood, keeping it straightforward is the safest and the best option.

What are the possible consequences of using weed after giving birth? 

There are studies that the impact on animals of the use of marijuana during pregnancy claims that THC exposure will influence the brain development of a baby. Therefore, it has the same effects on a pregnant woman. There are no significant signs of withdrawal in newly-born babies having mothers who smoke marijuana during their pregnancy. However, as they grow older, used marijuana during their pregnancy may have issues and experience side effects. This research is not clear and has not long-term developmental changes identified, but new research indicates some issues or effects for the children. THC is considered a neurotoxin for growth by others. So make sure that your newly-born shield is safe and without complications. 

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Things to ponder 

Since marijuana will linger in the system for an extended period of time, the exposure of a baby to it in utero could be longer than the mother knows.It is understood that marijuana has an effect on the brain neurotransmitters and biochemistry of a fetus, as well as oxygen consumption, and it can change the fetal heart rate. The best way to potentially guarantee that you will have a happy, balanced pregnancy and baby is to have good prenatal care, which often involves being upfront with your doctor on how much you use marijuana.

When making sure your baby-to-be is safe, your doctor should be your companion. Your doctor will prescribe a combination of therapy and if appropriate medication that is safe for you and your infant, depending on the nature of your anxiety or sickness. Make sure you still see your medical doctor or obgyn frequently if you use marijuana during pregnancy. Never cancel your prenatal appointments because you’re afraid that your substance use will be exposed.

Due to risk of early labour, pregnancy difficulty and effects on the later in life and a utero, it is not possible to smoke pot when you are pregnant. If you are searching for better ways to cure morning sickness, particularly if it is serious, ask for advice from your health care provider. Natural remedies are safer than marijuana and FDA-approved medicines.

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