Best CFL for Growing Autoflowering Cannabis

best cfl for autoflower plants

The best CFL for autoflower plants are great for nearly any kind of cannabis cultivators. These lights are cheaper than other grow lights. The best CFL for autoflower plants also emits a sufficient spectrum of light to your plants without generating too much heat. The grow fixtures are suitable for autoflowering cannabis that needs plenty of light exposure.

The market has plenty of best CFL for autoflower plant fixtures to pick from that are great for plants. However, the incredible number of choices can be too much for the average grower. Let us make your life easier by showing our best CFL for auto flower plants.

Top Best CFL for Autoflower Plants

SunBlaster CFL Propagation Lamp

The SunBlaster CFL Propagation Lamp features a color temperature range of 6400K lighting. This range emits a bright white light that is similar to daylight around midday. It is important to note that you should be wary of the intense brightness of the bulb, which can be harsh for most people’s eyes.

The color temperature makes the SunBlaster lamp suitable for your autoflowering plant’s vegetative phase. This light encourages the plants to develop their leaves and branches.

SunBlaster bulbs have no problem working up to 15 to 16 hours. Longer hours may shorten the lamp’s lifespan since the ballast can get too hot.

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One of the SunBlaster lamp’s shortcomings is its heat production. Your auto plants are fine as long as they are at least two to three feet away from the bulb.

DuroLux T5 Grow Light

DuroLux T5 Grow Light is a lighting fixture with the bulbs fixed unto it. It can emit up to 10,000 lumens of light and 6500K color temperature, which is great for vegetating auto plants.

With four lamps illuminating your plants, the DuroLux T5 fixture is suitable for small grow rooms. Its Reflectivity German Hammer-tone reflector efficiently spreads the light in a wide perimeter. This ensures proper light exposure to a large number of auto plants

Each DuroLux TF5 Grow Light comes with a chain-link attachment to hang the fixture to the ceiling. It is also compatible with nearly any timer device to give you control over the light schedule of your auto cannabis plants.

The size of the DuroLux light is one of its flaws, which makes it unsuitable for grow cabinets or tents. While the fixture has an affordable price, the lifespan of the bulbs is usually around five to 10 months.

Best CFL for Autoflower Plants Apollo Horticulture Compact Grow Light

The best feature of the Apollo Horticulture Compact Grow Light is its 2100K color temperature. This is the same type of light during the autumn and winter season.

Low color temperatures or any light below 3000K are best for an auto plant’s flowering stage. The light bolsters the plant’s bud production, which can lead to high-quality buds and large yield rates.

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Another benefit of the Apollo Horticulture bulb is its low heat production. This helps lessen the temperature control burden on your growing room setup. It also makes it possible to place the lights slightly closer to the plant without the worry about damaging it with heat.

One issue we faced with the Apollo Horticulture bulb is its short lifespan. The lamp can last for up to eight months. Fortunately, this is one of the affordable CFL bulbs in the market.

Satco Soft-White Light Bulb

Satco has a solid line of CFL lights for growing weed for the different stages of your auto cannabis plants. Their light bulb includes 2000K and 2600K output, which are great for the flowering stage. You can also find 5700K and 7000K version of their lamp, which is suitable for your plant’s vegetative growth.

The CFL bulb from Satco also has a long lifespan of up to 13 months. In addition, the bulbs are Energy-Star rated for its cost-efficient use of power. Both features make Satco lamps a good choice for prolong usage.

It is important to note that the bulbs with the higher color temperature emit an incredibly bright light. This can be dangerous for plants during the flowering stage. You will need to change the brighter lamps with Satco bulbs that emit a low color temperature when your auto plants are nearing their harvest period.

Hydrofarm Agrobite CFL Grow Light

We end the list with the Hydrofarm Agrobite CFL Grow Light, one of the highly sought after bulbs for marijuana cultivation. This grows light is similar to the DuroLux TF5 due to being a light fixture with a reflective hood.

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The Agrobite fixture comes with a 6400K bulb that emits a midday type of light. This makes the bulb great for the vegetative phase. When you need to change the brightness of the lamp for your plant’s flowering stage, you can replace the bulb with one that emits around 2000K to 3000K. The fixture is compatible with nearly any CFL lights for growing weed.

Agrobite’s reflective hood can spread the light evenly around a large area to cover numerous plants. In addition, the tubular shape of the bulb emits a consistent ray of light downwards and onto the reflective surface of the fixture. This allows for efficient light coverage for your plants.

Heat is Hydrofarm Agrobite’s flaw since the fixture generates plenty of it. The fixtures need to be slightly far from the plants to prevent damaging them.

You now have some idea on which CFL lights for growing weed. Remember that lamps with daylight type of light can be dangerous for autoflowering plants during the flowering phase. Consider using a dimmer that is compatible with the lamp or changes the bulbs that emit a low-temperature light.

Creating an efficient indoor garden to grow fast-growing cannabis plants is the way to creating a batch of medicinal herbs for various conditions. As Sebastian Marincolo would say “Marijuana is much healthier within a bad healthcare system.”

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