Cannabis World: The 5 Best Autoflower Strains

best autoflower strains

In this article, we will be discussing the best autoflower strains and its beneficial role to a customer and the producer. There are several strains that contain their unique traits and some people prefer it. Autoflowering strain is very popular in many areas. They are very easy to grow, and they grow really fast. It does not depend on the photoperiod, they only remain short and deal with tough conditions or weather. Since day one, the autoflowering strain has been the product of work by experts to create a strain that can grow really fast and produce massive yield.

This is a great choice for beginner growers and to those growers who lack patience in terms of cultivating weed. The essence of the autoflower strain is not only they are photoperiod independent but also they don’t require a light cycle to flower. These types of strains also contain high potency than any other strains.

Right now you will be seeing the Top 5 Best Autoflowering strains that you might like to purchase.

TOP 5 Best Autoflower Strains


– This is the top 5 autoflower strain on the list. This type of strain is very popular, it can grow healthy and moderate-sized plants with tight internodes that form into a thick one. You can expect great yields, the flavor of pineapple can obviously be felt. This can be grown in either indoor or outdoor locations. Its buds can offer stimulating effects for your mind and body. It can be cultivated within 9 weeks from seed and can reach up to 55 inches in height.

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– This type of strain goes to the top 4 on our list. Northern Lights auto is a very productive strain because it can grow into a modified autoflowering plant that is easy to cultivate nearly anywhere. These indica buds have an earthy citrus flavor and contain an 18% THC level. This strain’s growth time can take up to 8 weeks. Just like any other strain, this can go up to 35-60 inches in height.


– This auto strain produces a flavor and potency that rises up high. This 60% of indica plant can grow quickly into medium-sized bushes. Sticky buds that offer mind and body effects because of its 22% THC content. Girl Scout Cookies’ growth time can happen within 60-70 days and can reach up to 35 inches in height.

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White Widow is a type of autoflower that contains a pungent effect that’s come from its Brazilian and Indian Genetics. This plant grows in medium height and produces stinky-indica buds coated in white crystals. Mental buzz can be felt caused by its 19% THC content. The growing phase of this strain can happen within 8 weeks upon planting and can reach up to 24 inches in height.

The Top autoflower strain that peaks the least is no other than…


– This strain is an award-winning hybrid that is known for its sticky buds. GGA grows and yields well in both indoor and outdoor environments. This is considered as one of the easiest strains to grow for novice and experts. Its big dense buds can produce a sweet pungent aroma that contains 24% THC level. The growing time of this strain can take up to 63 days of growth. It reaches up to 39 inches in height and yields up to 600 g/m2.

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Each Benefit and Advantages

With these autoflower strain knowledge, it is time for you to know the benefits and advantages of an autoflowering strain. Experts said that every grower should experiment with an autoflower to experience these benefits.

  •         FAST GROWING

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