Best Autoflower Strains for Indoors

best autoflower strains for indoors

Modern autoflowering marijuana strain is great for new growers and also for those who have the patience for the photoperiod flowering stage. Here are the top 10 of the best autoflower strains for indoors.

Top 10 Best Autoflower Strains for Indoors

  1. Blackberry Kush Auto Seeds

These Blackberry Kush Auto Seeds are a crossbreed of the original Dark Hindu Kush hash and Blueberry plant genetics to create a blunt indica-dominant auto-flowering strain. The Blackberry Kush seeds grow into normal size plant that grows well outdoors, indoors, or greenhouse. The purple color is widespread in the most characteristic with some emerge black. A strong blackberry kush flavor and aroma comes from the super-sticky buds. 

 Plant Height   30-39 inches

Grow Time      70 days from the seed

Pack Size          1/3/7/100 seeds

Yield  High

         2. Super Skunk Auto Seeds

The Super Kunk Auto Seeds is rich 80% indica best autoflower strains for indoors. Super Skunk genetics, Super Skunk Auto seeds compact plant, grow short that makes huge stinky colas. The buds are sweet, pungent, and give a large physical stone feeling, and has a medium 14% THC content. 

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Plant Height   20-45 inches

Grow Time      8 weeks from seed

Pack Size          5/10/20 seeds

Yield  120-200 grams per plant

3. Blue Dream Auto Seeds

In just under 11 weeks from germination, the Blue Dream Auto Seeds are set to harvest. The light hungry and nutrient plants have a sweet chunky bud flavor and can extend to a height of medium-tall and can give an extreme and long-lasting high feeling, also have a 13 % THC content. 

 Plant Height   39-63 inches

Grow Time      70-75 days from seed

Pack Size          3/5/10 seeds

Yield  Indoors: 30-60 grams per plant

Outdoors: 60-130 grams per plant

4. Northern Light Auto Seeds 

The Northern Lights Auto Seeds is a huge and fruitful autoflower strain form on the legendary indica strain Northern Lights. The Autoflowering Northern Lights seeds cultivate strong autoflowering plants that are simple to grow anywhere. The sticky indica buds create comfortable relaxing effects and have earthy citrus smell with 18% THC content.  

Plant Height   35-60 inches

Grow Time      8 weeks from seed

Pack Size          5/10/20 seeds

Yield  120-200 grams per plant

  1. Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds

The Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds are the outcome crossbreed of two seeds; ruderalis genetics and Girl Scout Cookies to create the best autoflower strains for indoors that shine in potency and flavor. The solid-feeding 60% of indica plants grow strongly into normal size bushes that respond well to preparation. Candy buds, very sticky, which gives physical and cerebral effects and has 22% THC content.

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Plant Height   18-35 inches

Grow Time      60-70 days from seed

Pack Size          1/3/5/10 seeds

Yield  198 grams per plant

  1. White Widow Auto Seeds

White Widow Auto is an autoflowering version of the famous White Widow strain, a strong marijuana variety containing South Indian and  Brazilian genetics. The plants can extend to a medium-height and can create stinky indica-dominant buds coated in white crystals. Euphoric high feeling and mental buzz. Has a 10% THC content.

Plant Height   20-24 inches

Grow Time      8 weeks from seed

Pack Size          5/10/20 seeds

Yield 120-200 grams per plant 

  1. Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds

Gorilla Glue Auto is a Sativa, indica, and ruderalis hybrids. Gorilla Glue strains are best known for its strong sticky buds that glued-up the cutting scissors. The Gorilla Glue Auto yields growers are great in most indoors and outdoors environments, extend a medium-height with a dense bud structure. One of the effortless auto strains to grow for new growers and expert growers. The big compact buds of Gorilla Glue Auto exude trichomes and create a sweet pungent aroma, also have an extremely high 24% THC.

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 Plant Height   24-39 inches

Grow Time      56-63 days from seed

Pack Size         1/3/5/10 seeds

Yield 400-600 grams, 50-300 grams per plant

  1. Lowryder #2 Auto Seeds

Lowryder #2 is a selectively inherited indica-Sativa autoflowering marijuana strain. The  Lowryder #2 absorb Colombian Santa Maria genetics for add up resin producing, improved flavor, and extremely high. This seeds auto seeds that grow squat plants, short with foreign, berry-flavored buds. Medium 10-15% THC content.

 Plant Height   Short

Grow Time      56-63 days from seed

Pack Size          1/3/5/10 seeds

Yield  Indoors: 150 grams per plant 

Outdoors: 45-60 grams per plant

  1. Sour Diesel Auto Seeds

The Sour Diesel has 70% and is a crossbreed of Ruderalis and Sour Diesel #2. Sour Diesel Auto is a tall plant when cultivated outdoors that responds well to indoors and topping, SOG for its maximum yield. The close space internodes load up into tight, long resinous colas. Sour Diesel Autos makes a strong exciting effect with a THC content of 13%-17%. A very cheap autoflowering seeds.

Plant Height   1-2 meters outdoors

Grow Time      70-75 days from seed

Pack Size          3/5/10 seeds

Yield  60 grams per plant

  1.   UK Cheese Auto Seeds

UK Cheese Auto is mainly indica autoflowering variation based on the world-well-known Skunk #1 phenotype Cheese. A crossbreed of  Lowryder #2and Cheese genetics, UK Cheese Auto seeds extend into large outdoor-indoor plants that are set to set harvest after 12 weeks of germination. The dank indica buds will get covered with a large coat of trichomes.

Plant Height   24-54 inches

Grow Time      80-85 days from seed

Pack Size          1/3/5/10/100 seeds

Yield –  35-125 grams per plant

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