Cannabis 2020 Update: Top 5 Autoflower Strain

best autoflower strains 2020

In today’s generation, people wanted to experience an everlasting sensation from a cannabis product. In this article, we will be discussing the best autoflower strains 2020! In a cannabis community that is so massively dominated by statistics and economics, numerous people are searching for the most potent weed the world has ever had. Discovering which strain has effects hits the peak of any person’s capability.

There are people who wonder if an autoflower strain has potential, the answer is yes! They are easy to cultivate and it can produce some excellent buds if you plant them in an area with a sufficient supply of light. This strain’s structure allows them to fit in any area even if that is small enough or outdoors. Their short flowering time can help you gain multiple harvests for a year.

Here are the lists of the strongest or the perfect autoflower strain on the market for you who search for the most potent weed.

Best Autoflower Strains 2020 to choose

These are great for anyone who is devoted to growing marijuana. These strains practically grow themselves and all you gotta do is enjoy the final product.

  •         Gelato Auto

This is an autoflower strain that has a perfect blend of indica and Sativa. The growers can gain huge yields with extreme potency and are one of the fastest flowering strains and can be harvested in just 9 weeks upon cultivation. This can be suitable for beginners because of its easy and low maintenance. A vibrant green to golden orange color covers the trichomes. The flavor of sweet cookies, citrus, and earthy ice cream can be tasted when consumed. It can leave you locked to the couch with enough edge to keep your mind precisely creative because of its THC level of up to 26%.

  •         Auto Orange Sherbert

This is a Sativa dominant strain with large yields that contain up to 24% of THC. This strain can be harvested from seed within 60-73 days, making this potent strain a perfect choice for anyone who seeks for massive yields. It can grow taller with a height of up to 150cm with a bushy visual and when blooming will create fat, swollen that collects a density type. The flavor of the strain can be felt as orange candy with citrus hints. The effects are very powerful and uplifting that will bring out your creativity up to its full potential.

  •         Original Auto OG Kush

An auto OG Kush can give you a dank, fuel, pine, and citrus effect with its potency to induce a heavy buzz resulting in a euphoric feeling. The chunky structure of this plant is a better producer and is very easy to grow and usually finishes around 100cm tall. Auto OG Kush contains a THC level of up to 23% that makes it a favorite by every customer. Patients enjoy the therapeutic benefits that this strain can offer with its CBD contents.

  •         Wedding Cheese Cake

This is made by crossing a Wedding Cake and Cheese; the result will be terpene-rich strains that will keep your couch lock for hours. It does not only excrete complex terps but also offer a massive yield. Wedding Cheese Cake can grow as tall as 130 cm and only requires 8-9 weeks to harvest. This is one of the easiest strains to grow for beginners and expert cultivators. This is an excellent strain for those people who suffer from humid or cold climates. The flavor of this strain can be earthy vanilla that has hints of orange cheesecake tart. Relaxing and upbeat without physical heavy can be obtained when you consume this.

  •         Original Auto Amnesia

This strain is considered as one of the world’s favorite because of its contained electric, uplifting and cerebral high with citrus and tropical buzz. Its THC content can reach up to 22% and can offer you a great experience. This is a Sativa dominant that develops large buds covered in resin and can bloom within 70 days from seed to harvest. If you are living in a tropical country, you can witness its bushy tall strain that can reach up to 150cm tall. This is one of the tallest plants that are suited for expert growers.

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Cultivation and growing

If you are planning to cultivate one of these best autoflower strains 2020, you must meet the needed materials for growing. These requirements are a must in order to give you plants a healthy lifestyle and for them to grow massively. It is not only your plants that benefit but also you as a producer because it can gain you a bountiful harvest!

Purchase your own strain today!

These strains can literally give you chills and effects that no one has ever done to you. Remember that THC is an important substance to give you the effects that you wanted. Purchase today and start experiencing the effects! Consult your local cannabis store to buy your preferred strain or online marijuana seed banks that sell the strains we have mentioned.

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