Autoflowers: The Future of Cannabis Growers

best autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowers have become popular growing cannabis in recent years, and there is no doubt as to why. Farmers love the quality and quantity that these plants produce. In this article, I would like to discuss the many reasons why autoflowers are the future of the cannabis business


The most popular reason why farmers choose autoflowering cannabis plants is because of how fast they grow.

Standard and even feminized cannabis plants grow due to the amount of sunlight and darkness they get. This could cause farmers to wait for almost six months before they could harvest their crops. Autoflowering cannabis plants grow according to age. This means that they do not depend on how much sunlight and darkness they get. Autoflowering cannabis plants can be ready to harvest in as little as eight weeks.

Not only are they favored on how fast they grow, but also on how tall they can grow. It has been known that autoflowering cannabis plants are short in growth which is very advantageous if you are planning on growing discreetly. But due to new hybrids being made using taller Indica or Sativa strains, autoflowering cannabis plants can get as tall as the standard cannabis. This is great if you want to attain more yields.


Autoflowering cannabis plants are very low maintenance plants compared to Standard and Feminized cannabis. They do not need a lot of nutrients or water for starters. When it comes to trimming, little has to be done about that as well. Autoflowers were designed to be strong and resilient plants in order for them to survive in various conditions.

Hybrid Ability

Autoflowering cannabis plants are most favored when it comes to hybridization because along with their high CBD percentage, they can now have high THC percentages as well. Not only that but also along with their great aroma, they can have a wonderful taste. Here is a list from a blog on Mold Resistant Strains of new strains that were created in 2019:

According to THC levels

Glueberry Autoflowers

Glueberry autoflowers are a new strain that was made using Gorilla Glue #4 and Blueberry. Of course, these are an indica strain and a Sativa strain, respectfully, but they come with a fusion of ruderalis genes in order for it to have autoflowering qualities. Glueberries are a large growing autoflower that is ready for harvest in as little as eight weeks. They contain a high level of THC of roughly 21.6% and a low level of CBD of roughly 0.57%.

Turing Autoflowers

Turing autoflowers are a cross of Landrace Afghani and ruderalis genes. These hardy plants are specially made to grow outdoors in the wet or rainy type of climate. Turing autoflowers are ready for harvest at around 55 to 65 days growing to an astounding five feet tall. They produce a musky aroma along with their 16% THC levels.

Triple XL Autoflowers

These high-yielding autoflowers are known to be large and dense. It is a cross amongst Northern Lights #5, Green Crack, and Big Bud. Although these are all indica strains, which make up 80% of the genes, Triple XL autoflowers contain 20% ruderalis genes which contribute to the autoflowering cannabis traits. These autoflowers are ready for harvest in 56 to 63 days producing THC levels of 20% and CBD levels of 0.58%.

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According to Taste

Strawberry Gum Autoflowers

Doesn’t this one sound delicious? Imagine the way it smells. Strawberry Gum autoflowers are mixed with, as you can guess, Bubble Gum and Strawberry genes. These autoflowers produce 18% THC levels in as little as nine to ten weeks. According to sources, Strawberry Gum autoflowers taste and smell just like the name implies. They can get to heights of three feet if grown indoors to four and a half if grown outside.


Yes, zkittles. Amazing. These autoflowers are great for indoor farming because of their short stature getting to two to three feet tall. They only take nine weeks to reach harvest time. Once picked, they create a strong chocolate flavor and sweet berry scent. What an interesting mix if I do say so myself. With THC levels at 20%, Zkittles are a great autoflowering cannabis if you just want a good chill high.

Grizzly Purple

Grizzly Purple autoflowers are a hybrid of Critical Autoflowers and Purple Afghani. They take ten to twelve weeks to produce a good yield. Grizzly Purple autoflowers have a sweet and sour taste kind of like lemon and lime. Because of its low THC levels of 9% to 13% and low CBD levels of 0.6%, it is the most ideal for its mild effects.

Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

2019 is a year that holds some of the best strains of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Here is a couple of some of the most recommended autoflowering cannabis from the blog Zamnesia:

LSD Autoflowers

Just like what the name suggests, this autoflower is known for its powerful and mind-bending potency just like LSD. LSD autoflowers were created by mixing parent strains of LSD and Super Magnum Autoflowers. This fast and long-lasting autoflower is ready for harvest in 64 days. It is recommended for experienced smokers because beginners might not be able to handle its effects.
Sticky Beast

Sticky Beast autoflowers are a hybrid by crossing Bubble Gum, OG Kush, and Critical Autoflowers. Being ready for harvest at seven or eight weeks, these autoflowers have THC levels of 16%. This is good for a relaxing and light stoning along with its sweet and earthy aroma.


Now, it is clear why autoflowering cannabis plants may be the future of cannabis growers. Just autoflowering cannabis plant’s growth patterns and maintenance levels alone are enough to attract potential farmers. With their hybridization becoming more and more popular, farmers will be able to become more specialized in certain areas whether if it is for effects, taste, or smell. This could be good for business if certain buyer’s want a certain quality.

Whether you want the newest or best autoflowering cannabis seeds, the future seems bright for autoflowering cannabis farmers.

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