Know More About Autoflowering Weed Strains

autoflowering weed strains

In just 2-4 weeks of germination, the autoflowering weed strains are starting to flower on their own. Different variety, both Sativa and Indica dominant, are both photoperiodic plants. Hence, they are usually exposed to 12 hours of grow light in order to get the flowering indoor, but may not have enough time to be done outdoors before the days come fast. They are the Sativa or Indica descendants with a touch of Ruderalis, creating them for a perfect choice for areas where the summer season is very short with only a few hours of daylight. After 6 weeks the Ruderalis is automatically done its flowering.

Here are the TOP 5 Autoflowering Weed Strains

  • Lambs Breath Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Lambs Breath autoflowering weed strains and are easy to grow, also they can live in both indoors and outdoors environments. This strain is Bob Marley’s favorite because of its effect that can make the user well-focus, energetic, and creative in any way. It is also great for anxiety and reducing stress, this strain is great before you start your day.

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As a powerful Sativa, expect that this strain can give you the euphoric cerebral high, which effects in an early stage. It also has high THC content, which is 19% to 25% on average. The high kick effects fast and affecting the mind instantly while energizing the whole body.

  • Revolver Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Revolver Autoflower are medium-high plants that can also live in both indoors and outdoors and are good to grow in a small indoor garden. Feminized and high yielding, this strain is fitted perfectly for fast-time growers. 

This strain can have a long-lasting indica effect and is medically effective in pain reliefs and appetite stimulation. Thus this strain is expected to be done up to 7 weeks. If you used the revolver you will experience a stoned-high and body buzz that will make you have more. Also, this strain has a low-moderate THC level.

  • Banana Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Banana Kush Autoflower taste and smells like banana, also these seeds is an indica-dominant strain. With the indica lineage and THC content, this gives a smooth effect to the users. It can also help you with anxiety and can reduce stress with just one try. It can also help muscle pain, headaches, ease pain, inflammation, and arthritis. 

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This fruity stir gives very smooth buzz effects to the users, all because of its moderate THC content which is 17%. The euphoric and relaxed sensation can calm down the raging mind and nerves. It is good for people who are living under pressure and dealing with intense stress. 

  • Devil XXL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Devil XXL Autoflowering weed strains is a strikingly potent strain,  and it is not only for recreational characteristics but also because of its growing and medical characteristic. This strain has moderate to high THC content that has a calming high effect of a Sativa strain. It can adjust in any environment and doesn’t need a special growing lighting schedule for it to flower. 

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They give amazing therapeutic benefits to many users, thus they are much marketable these days. It is packed with THC content that reduces any form of stress and brings sense to the users. The calming effect of this Sativa leaning herb gives a peaceful experience relieving from any depression or anxiety.

  •  Grapefruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Grapefruit Autoflower strain is energizing, and convertible marijuana strain. It is very effective for work if you want to be productive and be feel creative. This strain is also for daily activities, so you can finish all the tasks on hand. Very easy to grown and can be flexible in any kind of environment. With these effects, a lot of people want to buy this kind of autoflowering weed strains in terms of its therapeutic characteristics. Because of its medical benefits, many growers want to cultivate this kind of weed.

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