Why Buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds from Canada

autoflowering marijuana seeds canada

One of the unique characteristics of autoflowering marijuana varieties is automatically switching from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase with age. They don’t follow the light and dark cycle required with short-day or photoperiod-dependent strains. If you’re looking for high-quality autoflowering marijuana seeds Canada, then you need to be an informed buyer. Let’s find out more why Canada is today’s cannabis growers’ newest ultimate seed source!

Why Choose Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Many autoflowering varieties are ready to harvest in 8 to 10 weeks from the seedling stage. The Dwarf autos have short stature which still provides a decent yield. On the other hand, “super autos” usually grow over 6 feet tall and may take more than 100 days to mature. These facts are good news for marijuana growers, and for your cultivation goals to materialize, it is important to find a trusted and reliable source of seeds.

Some choose to create a true autoflowering seed from cross-breeding parent plants. However, breeding new autoflowering cannabis strains becomes more challenging when you attempt to make a new hybrid with a non-autoflowering cannabis strain. A proper list of suitable heterogenous cannabis strains is not yet available, that is why most breeders are treating all short-day marijuana plants as homozygous dominant. Also, a few autoflowering weed seeds produced are not stable and further require stabilization. The complexities in autoflowers stabilization previously led to low quality and non-flowering strains penetrating the market.

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What is the Status of  Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds in Market

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are now accessible on the market. In the last few years, there is a skyrocket popularity of autoflowering cannabis in the commercial market. With the growing demand, many growers decided to market their own autoflowering marijuana seeds, which are mostly cannabis indica or sativa hybrids. They contain a small portion of Lowryder #1 and Lowryder #2 genetics, just to preserve their autoflowering properties. However, many are not stable and a lot of buyers are frustrated because of this.

By 2020, the forecasted annual cannabis production is 3 million kilograms. Canadian growers aim to produce high-quality autos using state-of-the-art equipment. They want to help seed banks and retailers worldwide, preserving the finest cannabis strains for future use. In fact, Health Canada even suggested that the demand for domestic Canadian will be around 1 million kilograms. Other Wall Street and provincial estimates will be around 800,000 kilograms. Canada would have 2 million kilograms of cannabis production yearly, and of course, the growing global demand can be satisfied with Canadian domestic oversupply.

Canadian Recreational Cannabis Production

Canada is the first G7 nation worldwide to start selling marijuana for recreational use. While there are still refinements needed due to struggles that big businesses face as well as pot pioneers and craft producers, Canada is a positive market for recreational cannabis. It is totally permissible for adults to possess dried cannabis of up to 30 grams. In most places, they allow cannabis gardeners to grow marijuana plants per household. In the same way, cannabis seed banks sprouted and have made a good name for themselves including the following:

  1. Crop King Seeds

This is a Canadian seed bank offering a wide selection of marijuana strains including autoflowering cannabis seeds. Their website is pleasant and easy to navigate. Once you visit their web page, you’ll find the status of a given strain next to its name found on the homepage. Check seed availability by reading the notes such as “coming on…(date)” or “back in stock”, which practically saves your time and effort. The regular shipping rate is 10 USD worldwide and 30 USD for express shipping with tracking number. Crop King Seeds accepts major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Interac E-Transfer (available in Canada only), and cash via snail mail (US and Canadian dollars)

  1. True North Seed Bank

The website of this Canadian seed bank is superb, with organized and clearly labeled sections. True North offers clearance items, freebies, and special offers from time to time. They offer free shipping worldwide for orders more than $525 Canadian Dollars or approximately 420 USD. The payment methods accepted include Visa or Mastercard, bank transfer, Bitcoin or Litecoin, cash, Moneygram, and international money order.

  1. BC Bud Depot

This is another trusted and reputable seed bank in Canada. They offer a lot of cannabis strains, including autoflowering marijuana seeds. The regular shipping cost for $5 and $35 for express shipping, regardless of the chosen country from the drop-down menu. BC Bud Depot re-sends lost, confiscated, or damaged seeds.  They accept different payment options including credit card online or via phone order, Bitcoin, and Money Order.

  1. Canadian Seed Bank

The Canadian seed bank has autoflowering cannabis strains in well organized under headings, including Indoor or Outdoor, Indica, Sativa,  bulk, top 12, “kush” and specials. Canadian seed bank features twelve various kush strains. They offer free shipping for orders above $160 and orders are sent via CanadaPost with tracking.

  1. Ontario Seed Bank

You can search different cannabis seeds on the website of Ontario Seed Bank and sort by newness, rating, popularity, or price. It is quite handy to sort and search by such criteria. The company offers free shipping in Canada.

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Many seed banks today are using overwhelming and confusing names just to be appealing to customers. That’s why it’s very important to be careful dealing with just any online platform selling marijuana seeds. If it’s your first time ordering cannabis seeds online, it is essential to check the safety measures and the privacy agreement for your peace of mind.

Final Thought

When it comes to purchasing autoflowering marijuana seeds, Canada is the best place to go. Canadian seed banks such as Crop King Seeds, True North Seed Bank, and BC Bud Depot offer high-quality marijuana seeds. With the competitive cannabis industry, a lot of companies are offering promos and special deals. Canada regulators always ensure that the marijuana seeds cultivated in the country are stable and viable. Happy cannabis seed shopping!

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