Choosing the Right Autoflower Marijuana Seeds to Grow Indoors

autoflower marijuana seeds indoors

Autoflower marijuana seeds help a lot in simplifying the entire weed growing process. They are the cannabis seeds designed to flower automatically. Meaning, you don’t need to change the light cycles. Also, there’s no reason to worry regarding the male seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great choice for anyone who is new to cannabis cultivation. These seeds are easy to cultivate because most of the tasks around the crop of unfertilized female plants take place even before you plant them.

These seeds will eventually grow into high-quality marijuana products without having to change the current light cycle or removing the males. The ease of growing autoflowering seeds is making them good for beginners and people who grow cannabis in less-than-ideal conditions like the open ground or the window ledge in a spot that doesn’t have the best growing conditions.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are extremely robust. They have the genetics of a cannabis strain called cannabis ruderalis that came from Central Russia in which the growing conditions are severe. According to, cannabis ruderalis is low in THC but high in CBD.

Auto seeds do not have the capability to wait for the warm and dry weather hat indica and sativa strains enjoy. Instead, the flowering time for them occurs based on their schedule.

Why are Autoflowering Seeds Good for Indoor Growing?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds can produce a minimum of two outdoor crops or even more throughout the summer period. If you grow these seeds indoors, expect them to mature in 10 weeks or less, letting you squeeze in more yields.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are resilient and will resist pests, frost, and mold more easily than other types of cannabis seeds.

If you are a novice grower, getting started with autoflowering seeds is a good idea. That’s because they eliminate many of the most difficult steps involved in growing healthy marijuana plants.

Tips for Choosing the Best Autoflowering Seeds for Indoor Growing

Unlike the outdoor seeds, the local climate conditions do not matter in autoflowering seeds. That’s because you, the grower, completely control the environment where they grow.

Growing autoflowering seeds indoors are your best option if you’re concerned about your privacy or if you are from one of those areas with bad climate conditions.

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Choosing the right autoflowering seeds to grow indoors is important. It will depend on some fundamental factors.

#1. Your Preferred Strain or Effects

Think about what strain you want or what kind of high you want to experience. Autoflowering seeds can be sativa or indica dominant, which means they may offer the best of either sativa or indica effects. For indoor growing, the autoflowering seeds with more dominant indica properties are your best choice because of their short and compact structure.

#2. Yield

How many buds would you like to harvest from your cannabis plants? Autoflowering seeds can grow indoors and outdoors. However, some of them tend to be more productive when cultivated indoors while others should stay outdoors for them to yield the best they can give.

#3. Your Experience

Are you a novice grower or an experienced one? Some marijuana strains are more difficult to cultivate than others. In the case of autoflowering strains, many of them are truly easy to cultivate that made them highly suitable for people with little to no experience in growing cannabis.

When choosing autoflower marijuana seeds for indoor growing, you should still consider your experience. For your peace of mind, go for the easiest-to-grow autoflowering seeds. The best seeds to grow are those that require less maintenance and can handle stress very well.

Novice growers who look to grow autoflowering seeds should turn to those strains with strong indica genetics. These strains are robust, short, compact, and easy to grow.

#4. The Available Space

Always bear in your mind that your “growing space” will tell you how tall your cannabis plants can be. Cannabis seeds with dominating sativa genetics tend to grow as taller plants that have a significant yield of high-quality and delicious buds.

On the other hand, those cannabis plants with stronger indica genetics will be more compact and shorter plants that yield premium-quality and delicious buds.

Hybrid cannabis seeds crossed with a cannabis ruderalis strain will turn into premium buds on the short and compact autoflowering plants that need less maintenance.

Many indoor growers pick cannabis seeds that will turn into short and compact cannabis plants. However, if you have a bigger space available to grow autoflower marijuana indoors, then your possible choices can be far greater.

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#5. How Long You Want to Wait to Harvest?

Auto cannabis seeds end to have a shorter growth period from the vegetative to flowering times. They are also less fussy regarding lightning needs. This cannabis strains flower in two to three weeks. Auto cannabis seeds will be ready for harvest in around 8 weeks. Other cannabis strains flower in just 9 to 10 weeks.

The Advantages of Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

By choosing the right autoflowering cannabis seeds to grow indoors, you will enjoy the following benefits:

#1. Consistent and Decent Yields

Autoflowering marijuana seeds don’t depend on the light cycles to tell them when to flower. It means these cannabis seeds are best to grow at any time of the year and produce multiple yields.

Yes, they can yield more without giving you a reason to worry about the seasonal changes. It offers the novice growers a big advantage, letting them get the best returns for their investments in each harvest time.

#2. Faster Results

Auto cannabis seeds produce pleasing results faster than the Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or hybrid strains. Many of them can grow to mature plants in 8 to 10 weeks. In fact, there are some of them that can grow and produce in 6 to 7 weeks. Thus, auto cannabis seeds promote a rapid and constant product of delicious and fresh-looking buds.

Faster results are a guarantee when growing autoflowering seeds even indoors. However, many of these seeds yield less in every harvest season though you will surely get new buds every month because of their shorter flowering time.

On the other hand, it is necessary to balance up the yield and time ratio. While some auto strains don’t yield high like the normal cannabis strains, they produce buds much and much quicker.

Thus, auto strains allow for multiple grows in just one space. It can actually lead to a bigger overall yield if your grow space is a little bigger and you have planted more seeds. Besides, it can also mean you will get more harvests frequently.

Thus, with autoflowering seeds, establishing a consistent production and supply of buds is possible. It happens without further installations like separate rooms.

#3. Auto Seeds are Discrete

Auto cannabis seeds tend to grow as small and compact plants. Their height is often below 1 to 1.2 meters tall. This is true not only for auto strains with strong Indica genetics but even for the Sativa-dominant strains. It allows for a huge deal of discretion and stealth. It makes grow room management easier.

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It will also make autoflowering strains suitable for people who want to grow cannabis in their backyard or balcony. They are also a good option for those who want to try guerrilla cultivation.

Their small structure can also autoflowering cannabis seeds appealing for people who want to grow Sativa strains but do not have a large space for this.

#4. Autoflowering Marijuana is Resilient

Because of their ruderalis heritage, auto cannabis strains are extremely resilient to cold weather, pests, and infections. It makes the autoflowering seeds not just more forgiving for novice growers but also perfect to grow in areas with harsh or colder climates.

#5. Autoflowering Seeds are Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

With the combination of age-based flowering and resilience, auto cannabis strains are ideal for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. When grown indoors, you just need to place the seeds under the constant light and dark cycle. There should be at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Thinking about Micro Growing?

Micro growing is the process of cultivating a little batch of marijuana within a small space, attempting to get the best results. It means micro growing is a kind of indoor growing where one plants very few seeds.

The difference between the typical indoor grow and the micro grow is the size of space. Because of insufficient space, the other primary elements of cannabis growing, air, water, and light supply and soil will be a bit different from the standards of regular indoor cultivation.

If you’re planning to get started with micro growing, picking the right cannabis strain is necessary because of the limited growing space. One of those things you need to keep in check is the strain’s height. Sativa strains grow slender and higher compared to indica strains that tend to be bushy and short.

Moreover, during the flowering period, Sativa strains undergo a 200 to 300 percent increase in their height whereas indica plants grow taller by 50 to 100 percent. It goes to show that indica strains are more suitable for micro growth.

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