How Autoflower Cannabis Grow?

autoflower cannabis grow

The autoflowering cannabis seeds are the results of genetic crossing between or among cannabis varieties. These varieties include the Cannabis indica, Cannabis Ruderalis, and the Cannabis sativa. Because of the long possibilities regarding the genetic manipulation of these Cannabis varieties, they come up with several cannabis strains. These strains have successfully retained the autoflowering trait along with the other added unique features because of the genetic crossing. They are genetically programmed to have a definite time for flowering and their lifespan or harvest period is also determined. Therefore, grower’s choice of autoflower cannabis grow come in different specialties and they are all a result of years and years of research so there is an assurance that these cannabis hybrids really work.

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What are The Advantages of Autoflower Cannabis Grow?

Cannabis growers have developed seeds that express the recessive auto-flowering trait, which is an important breakthrough in the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Through this, they were able to achieve a certain amount of yield in a shorter period. Most of the autoflowering cannabis is short in stature that is why they are ideal for planting outdoors. They come in handy and you can blend them with other ornamental plants if you wish to grow them discreetly. Their harvest time can go from seven to thirteen weeks but this is dependent on what type of cannabis variety you are actually using.

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In addition, they only require easy to moderate maintenance and most are versatile concerning the environmental conditions for ideal growth. They can be planted indoors, outdoors, or even in greenhouses. There are also autoflowering strains that have a strong preference for climate. With those cannabis hybrids that grow effectively on northern latitudes or regions with a colder climate, they are actually resistant to mold and weather-related diseases.

What is the Downside of Planting Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Although the autoflowering cannabis varieties have a high advantage lineup, there are also some disadvantages when you choose in investing in this. Because of their short stature, the yield is not that high if your goal is to produce an enormous cannabis yield. The dry weight is relatively lesser compared to the non-hybrid cannabis varieties. Another thing is that the THC concentration of the auto-flowering varieties is not as high as those that are derived from the regular cannabis strains. Before investing in auto-flowering cannabis seeds, make sure that you know your goal so that you will not be exposed to these disadvantages.

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