Growing Autoflower Seeds in Canada: Tips and Tricks

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As cannabis acceptance begins to grow all over the world, it has seen its fair share of success in Canada. In line with that, several breeders have stepped out of the shadows to promote their wares. Among those are autoflower cannabis seeds in Canada.

Autoflower seeds are among some of the most popular types of cannabis seeds all over the world and not just in Canada because of how easy and quick they are to grow. That is why more and more growers are choosing autoflower seeds as their cannabis of choice.

If you want to know more about Autoflower Canada and how to grow autoflowering marijuana strains, read on and learn.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Strains?

Autoflowering strains of cannabis are those that grow from autoflower marijuana seeds, which have been specifically bred with the cannabis ruderalis plant to inherit the autoflowering genes that gave these strains their identity.

Cannabis ruderalis, as the name suggests, is a member of the ruderal species of plants that can still grow despite the effects of external events happening all around its immediate environment. Applied to cannabis, these types of marijuana plants have been able to survive in environments harsher than any other in the world and have learned to grow despite the negative externalities around it.

In other words, cannabis ruderalis is just ordinary cannabis that was able to adapt to harsh northern climates and learned to grow and flower despite the lack of available sunlight or other nutrients. Because of that, they can flower regardless of photoperiod or the number of light and dark hours they get in a single day.

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Though cannabis ruderalis was seen as an outlier, it has since become a normal part of the marijuana industry ever since the introduction of the first ever true autoflowering cannabis strain. Called Lowryder, this strain came about as a result of the breeding of Northern Lights and a ruderalis plant called Mexican Rudy. Since then, many more autoflowering strains were introduced into the market.

Autoflower Canada Cannabis Traits

1. They will flower regardless of the photoperiod

As mentioned, autoflowering cannabis strains will flower regardless of the number of light and dark hours they get. That means that you can leave the light on for 24 hours straight and they will still transition into the flowering stage.

2. They are much smaller

Due to the lack of sunlight in places where cannabis ruderalis originated from and to the harsh environments they had to adjust to, autoflowering strains tend to be smaller than even the smallest indica plants.

3. They grow quicker

Because cannabis ruderalis had to flower before the coldest of seasons arrived, they needed to adapt and grow quicker. As such, most autoflowering strains are known to grow in a span of six to eight weeks.

4. They are generally less potent

Compared to indicas and sativas, cannabis ruderalis are not as potent and do not have high THC levels. That is why most autoflowering strains tend to be less potent compared to their regular counterparts. However, while older strains used to be novelty plants that have low THC levels, new types of autoflowering strains now have higher THC concentrations.

5. They are easier to grow

If you had to endure what cannabis ruderalis had to get through in the thousands of years it has existed, you would surely come out stronger. Surviving in harsh weather conditions, cannabis ruderalis are known to be hardy and resilient plants that can withstand almost any kind of external factor that may affect the growth of other cannabis plants. Autoflowering strains have inherited this trait and are much more resistant to molds, pests, and diseases compared to normal cannabis strains. That is why they are easier to grow.

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Tips and Tricks for Growing Autoflowering Strains in Canada

With all those things considered, you might be interested to grow autoflower cannabis seeds in Canada by now. After all, Canada is one of the best places to grow these types of strains not only because of how marijuana is legal in the country but also because the weather is ideal for such a strain that likes cold climates. Here are some tips and tricks you might want to consider using when growing autoflowering strains.

1. Germinate them in their medium

While you normally germinate regular or standard cannabis seeds outside of their medium to achieve a higher germination rate, the same cannot be said of autoflower seeds. These types of seeds do not perform well when transplanted after they have germinated. It can actually affect their growth or, worst, prevent them from growing at all.

2. Start from seeds and not from clones

Unlike regular cannabis seeds, autoflower cannabis seeds have pre-set lives. That means that they strictly follow their life cycles. Using clones to grow these seeds will mean that the clones themselves would also follow the same life cycle as their mother. In that sense, after you plant the clones, their remaining lifespan will be just the same as the mother’s when you first clipped them off. That is why you should always start from seeds and never from clones.

3. Be a bit strict with their nutrients

Since autoflowering strains are much smaller compared to standard cannabis plants, their roots also tend to be smaller as well. In that sense, they cannot take in the same amount of nutrients as some of the other cannabis strains can. To avoid nutrient burn, make sure you only give your autoflowering plants about at least a quarter of the nutrients that you normally give your other cannabis strains.

4.Use airy grow mediums

Autoflowering strains have short life cycles. That means that their vegetative phase is even shorter compared to the regular cannabis strains. If you want to maximize their growth during their vegetative state, it is best for you to use mediums that can help your autoflowering plants take in as much air as needed.

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5. Do not skimp out on light

As mentioned, autoflowering cannabis strains will flower regardless of the light and dark hours they get. That means that you can maximize the light you can give them. If possible, leave the light on 24/7 if you want them to grow into healthy plants that have high yields.

6. Be careful when pruning or training them

Autoflowering strains do not perform well under stress. Because of that, you should avoid using high-stress training if you want to train or prune them. As much as possible, use low-stress methods if you want to train your autoflowering cannabis plants.

7. Do not overwater

Again, autoflowering strains do not perform well under stress. Overwatering them can put them in a particularly stressful situation that they might not be able to recover them. So, as much as possible, do not give them more water than they can handle.

8. Watch the heat

If you are leaving your grow lights on 24/7, there is a good chance that they are producing a lot of heat. In that case, make sure that you are watching the heat carefully as this can also create a stressful situation for your autoflowering plants. Invest in high-powered exhaust fans to fan the heat out and to keep it at a level that your autoflowering plants can take.

9.Finally, grow them outdoors if you can

Canada is an ideal place for your autoflowering cannabis plants to grow because they have adapted to the cold weather well enough. On top of that, you also do not have to worry about privacy because these plants are too small to grow taller than your fences. In that sense, if you want to save money, grow them outdoors.

As the cannabis industry grows rapidly every year, so does the demand. Keeping up with the demand can be difficult if you live in Canada since more and more people use marijuana on a regular basis. As such, going for autoflower seeds can be a good idea for you if you want to meet the demand. After all, these seeds can grow quicker and will eventually yield to more harvests in a single year. On top of that, they are so easy to grow that you are practically saving time, money, and effort. So if you want to stand out in the industry, use these tips and tricks to improve your success in growing autoflower seeds in Canada.

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