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Auto Pounder is a beautiful feminized autoflowering strain. It comes with the features of indica, sativa, and cannabis ruderalis genetics. This strain is one of the best autoflowering strains available in the market. If you want to grow an autoflowering strain, then you should give Auto Pounder a try. It’s time to learn the strain’s background and why you should add it to your secret cannabis garden in this Auto Pounder grow guide.


Auto Pounder is a great auto strain due to many reasons. Though this auto strain reaches only between 80 and 100 centimeters in height, it became popular for its mighty yields. Auto Pounder is just a small plant, but it’s capable of producing decent yields.

Its small size is making this cannabis strain easier to manage. Therefore, even the novice growers will find fun in cultivating Auto Pounder in the comfort of their homes.

Anyone who likes to grow Auto Pounder can do so even in a small garden with limited space. Also, the stature of Auto Pounder means it is capable of maintaining a discreet existence in your backyard garden.

This small autoflowering strain grows in a short time frame. According to, autoflowering strains have a short life span with most of them reach maturity in less than 13 weeks. The harvest time for Auto Pounder will kick in after 70 days of the germination period.

When you smoke a huge bong or blunt full of the processed buds of Auto Pounder, smokers will expect a strong, deep, and stoning high which is ideal for downtime and relaxation. This trait is also appealing to all medical cannabis users who are seeking for a delicious auto strain with medium to high THC content.

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When it comes to effects, Auto Pounder induces a blend of indica and sativa effects. Since it is a hybrid strain, you can expect a combination of two different worlds. However, the most dominant of all effects that you can expect from this strain is a deep body stone that will last for hours.

Auto Pounder has a skunky and sweet aroma and flavor. The strain’s powerful body high will make you feel sleepy, relaxed, and mentally stimulated at the same time. At first, you will be mentally alert and focused. You will start to notice the sedating effects at the end of the day.

Users, especially the beginners, should take extra caution when taking Auto Pounder. Taking a larger dose will eventually result in couchlock while normal consumption leaves the user alert, energetic, and mentally focused. On the medical side, Auto Pounder is helpful in dealing with common health problems such as stress and lack of appetite.

Auto Pounder Grow Guide

Auto Pounder is a great option for commercial growers and even for personal users. This auto strain is the cross between Auto #1, Power Plant and Big Bud. Power Plant and Big Bud are two of the highest-yielding cannabis strains you can find in the market these days.

Those two parent strains became famous for their abilities to produce big buds in huge amounts every season. They passed on this awesome quality to Auto Pounder.

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The power of Auto Pounder to produce decent yields will depend on some factors. Under the optimal growing conditions, it can produce more than one pound or 650 grams/m2 per square meter.

Auto Pounder maintains its fruity and sweet flavors. Also, it stays strong to withstand pests and diseases. To deliver huge yields, Auto Pounder comes with a little bigger stature compared to standard autoflowering strains.

Besides, Auto Pounder comes with an extremely high leaf to flower ratio and greater height range compared to other autoflowering strains. The flowering time for Auto Pounder is also short. A mature, healthy plant will start to flower in 70 to 80 days from being a seed.

Since it’s an autoflowering cannabis strain, Auto Pounder is 100% easy to grow. It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to growing cannabis or not. You just need to know how to take care of Auto Pounder. Find out what makes it happy and rest assured you will be successful in growing this autoflowering strain.

Genetic Lineage

Auto Pounder has different genetics. Its parent strains are Auto #1, Big Bud, and Power Plant. Auto #1 was an offspring of Lowryder 2. Big Bud, on the other hand, is the offspring of Afghani and Skunk. Power Plant came from a landrace that originated in South Africa.


Auto Pounder is ready to give you a supply of buds in just 10 weeks. You can plant it indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, this autoflowering strain will yield a whopping 450 grams/m2 per square meter. Truly, Auto Pounder can yield a decent amount of buds when you grow it inside your home. Just give what it needs and keep the plant happy. This way, you will surely attain success in the end.

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How about growing it outdoors? As an autoflowering strain, Auto Pounder can thrive successfully when cultivated outdoors. Try cultivating Auto Pounder in your backyard. No one will ever discover your secret. Auto Pounder will stay discreet even when it starts to flower. When grown outdoors, Auto Pounder can yield even more than its standard yield when cultivated indoors. When grown outdoors, the buds are ready to harvest in mid-October.

To increase your chances to harvest more, just make sure you keep your plants healthy and happy as they grow. Find out how much and when you should water your plants. Also, you must know which nutrient your plants will need in every growth stage. Keep in mind that cannabis plants need a specific nutrient during the vegetative phase then it changes as the plant jumps into the next growth phase.

Auto Pounder is truly one of the best autoflower strains to consider. It can benefit you a lot whether you are new to cannabis cultivation or not. All you need is to gain the knowledge in growing this gorgeous strain. You need to learn how it grows and what it needs to thrive and stay healthy until the harvest time. May this Auto Pounder grow guide help you succeed.

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