Autoflowering Marijuana Outdoor Feminized Mix

auto outdoor feminized mix

This is a great option for those who are looking to try a variation of good quality strains in one pack. The number of strains contained in one package is typically five and are all feminized types. These were chosen according to certain conditions which includes excellent thriving performance when planted outdoors as well as the manifestation of sturdy structure. Each pack of auto outdoor feminized mix is handpicked based on the highest standards and was chosen among the elite collection of feminized strain seeds.

It must be noted that while there is an emphasis on the premier quality strains of each of the choices that were picked, these strains are never sold individually. But, rest assured that the primary requirement of these strains is that it is able to withstand the ever changing climate and sudden spikes in temperature when planted outdoors. And the fact that these are premium quality seeds, an inquisitive grower who will always want to learn more and seek better hybrids will definitely want at least a pack of auto outdoor feminized mix.

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Apart from being able to withstand the sometimes harsh outdoor environment, these handpicked feminized strains are all resistant from parasites, fungus, molds, and pests. And because these five strains are feminized, one can expect a great yield during the time for harvesting the goods.

The typical composition in one pack includes Royal Bluematic, Royal Moby, Northern Lights Automatic, Royal Bluematic and lastly Power Flower. Because of the different characteristics of these strains, one can expect different height and build at the end of flowering stage. Both Royal Bluematic and Northern Lights are expected to enter flowering phase at a much earlier stage than the other three. With regards to height Royal Bluematic is the shortest plant, then Northern Lights for up to 1 meter, while Power Flower is going to grow up to 1.5 meters and Royal Moby, being the tallest will be up to 3 meters in height.

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Where to Order Auto Outdoor Feminized Mix?

If you want to order auto outdoor feminized mix because you want to try some high quality marijuana seeds that will come in one pack, then you can order it from an online seed bank and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible.

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