Top 10 Fast Growing Autoflower Seeds

fast auto flowers seeds

Auto flowers seeds are widely known because of their compressed size, fast growth, and their capacity to immediately begin flowering without the need to alter the cycle of marijuana grow light. To fairly say it, these seeds are very simple to flourish and are best for neophytes.

All of these potentialities are being credited to the ruderalis gene. Nevertheless, the presence of this ruderalis gene is also the reason why the yields of these autoflower seeds are smaller in contrast to genuine Sativa or Indica strains. Yet, growers still opt for autoflowers because of their rapid maturity.

Fastest Growing Auto Flowers Seeds

Here are some of the fastest growing autoflowering seeds that you can try:

  • Mexican Airlines – This seed kicks a hard-shell and is best for a dynamic day when outdoor. It has an enormous yield too, as it is one of the begetter strains of Six Shooter – the highest yielding seed. Usually, Mexican Airlines achieves complete maturity on the eighth or ninth week, providing up buds covered in resin.
  • CBD Crack Fast Buds solely CBS strain penetrates from the giant grower, Green Crack. Having the levels of CBD and THC reaching 7 percent, this special kind of seed gives an incomparable experience. The 1 is to 1 ratio of TCH to CBD gives an impulsive bliss and illusory pleasure without experiencing the foggy-headed side-effects which the cannabis is known. This fast-growing strain matches harmoniously with its squat status, making it ideal for the indoor growers. This rare kind of seed matures in the eighth or ninth week and is best for people who are searching for something distinct.
  • LSD-25 It is an indica strain that exhibits a color of royal violet which knocks us off each time. It has an odor that is similar to a diesel which comes from an intricate diversity of terpenes that provide this Indica strain the trippy impacts. This seed matures on the eighth or ninth week and shall knock off your smoking mate not just with the impacts it gives, but also its amazing color.
  • BlackberryThis seed flourishes huge purple buds. The buds are extremely dark that they nearly look black. It has hybrid impacts that give a short flare of concentration, followed by rounded alleviation. Commonly, this Blackberry strain matures on the eighth week.
  • Fastberry This strain is ideal for neophytes who are eager to learn rapidly, and skilled growers who like to see the fullest potential of a strain. This strain tastes feels and smells similar to its photoperiodic parent.
  • Sour Crack This strain matures on the seventh week. It is made from the genetics of 24 Carat and Auto Green Crack. The seed rapidly grows compact resinous buds having a proven high potency that is close 20 percent THC.
  • Speed Auto It is one of the fastest growing autoflowering seed which is set for harvest after seven weeks from being a seed. The seed is composed of the genetics of Speed Devil #2 Auto and Critical Mass, bred for volume and deep scent properties. This seed can grow well in either outdoors or indoors. Its taste is cheesy, sweet, and fruity.
  • Green-O-Matic In an early as fifty-five to sixty days from the day of germination, this seed shall be ready for harvest. It is 10 percent sativa 80 percent indica 10 percent ruderalis hybrid autoflowering seed created from Lowryder, Moroccan, White Dwarf, and other ruderalis genetics. This seed is grown easily, decent sweet smoke, with over 15 percent content of THC.
  • Stardust This seed is compressed sativa-dominant strain which becomes completely mature around fifty-five to sixty-five days from being a seed. It is made from15 percent ruderalis 30 percent indica 55 percent sativa genetics and can be grown easily whether in the greenhouse, indoor, or outdoor.
  • Quick One – This seed is one of the fastest autoflowering seeds. This seed is founded from the original autoflowering seed – Lowryder. The seed was formed from a hybrid between Ruderalis x Northern Lights x William’s Wonder. These plants are commonly set for harvest on the eighth week from the day of germination.
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These autoflowering seeds are easily obtained from seed banks online. Also, these seeds can be bought from some dispensaries in the local area, although depending on your location, they may be hard to search at retail stores. In just a short period of time, these auto flower seeds quickly flower.

Growers are finally given a one of a kind opportunity to flourish cannabis in the fastest way. Cannabis influencer, Sanjay Gupta, is so vocal about his admiration for cannabis – being such a useful plant for medicine. Auto flowers seeds are smaller, faster to grow, and becomes available for harvest in the shortest period of time. This means that you can quickly enjoy the benefit of these seeds sooner than the usual types of seeds. However, you just have to make sure that you are thoroughly aware of how to properly grow these seeds.

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