Auto Pounder – Another Autoflowering Marijuana Strain that you Don’t want to Miss

auto seeds auto pounder

As far as autoflowering cannabis strains are concerned, the Auto Pounder is the king of high yields. The harvests one can get from the Auto Seeds Auto Pounder is comparable to the massive harvests of non-autos, but with the added benefit of automatic flowering, thus ensuring of an easy time growing the strain. It’s this fact that makes the Auto Pounder the ideal choice for commercial growers who wouldn’t usually make use of auto-flowering varieties but wish to try it out in light of the benefits that autos deliver without suffering from a lower yield when compared to non-autos.

It’s also good for private home use since its high yields ensure a good one-time investment. The strain was produced by crossing Auto with Big Bud and Power Plant, thus ensuring that even though it’s autoflowering, yield would not be an issue. Every last “parent” of Auto Pounder is a high-quality producer. This explains why it’s capable of producing a pound of cannabis per square meter (450g/m2) under the most optimal of conditions. One can also expect a fruity and sweet flavor that’s maintained in every last Auto Pounder seed offered. In terms of pest and disease resistance, the Auto Pounder also scores high marks.

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When it comes to delivering such huge yields, the genetically Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis hybrid strain has a slightly larger size than standard autos in order to make its high rate of production possible (the bigger the size, the bigger the yields). What’s more, it even features a very high flower-to-leaf ratio hand-in-hand with its greater height (60-100 cm). It roughly takes a bit more time to grow (around 70-80 days in optimal conditions) when compared to its crossbreed “child”, the just-as-easy-to-grow Auto Candy Kush (65-75 days), but it more than makes up for it with its higher production rate that does take an extra 5-10 days to fully mature.

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Where to Buy Auto Seeds Auto Pounder ?

You can order auto pounder cannabis seeds from an online seedbank for cheap and have it shipped right to your address discreetly. There are a lot of marijuana seed banks which offer worldwide discreet shipping. Order some high quality marijuana seeds now and start growing your own medicine.

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