Royal Haze Autoflowering Information

The Royal Haze Autoflowering  has a tri-hybrid background. It’s a crossbreed between Amnesia Haze, Skunk, and Ruderalis strains, although in terms of genetic cannabis type, it’s mostly Indica. It has a medium THC and CBD rate.

Furthermore, it has varying yields depending on whether you’re planting it indoors or outdoors. Its indoor yields range from 300 to 350g/m² while its outdoor yields range from 130 to 180 g/m², which makes this a mostly indoors or greenhouse-friendly type of plant with yields that are affected negatively by the elements (as opposed to the Super Skunk strain, wherein it grows better outdoors instead of indoors).

Indoors, the Royal Haze can reach heights of up to 85 cm, while when outdoors, 150 cm isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Furthermore, this auto-flowering hybrid Sativa strain is mostly Sativa (50%), partly Ruderalis (30%), and partly Indica (20%). This means the stable, cerebral, and uplifting high of the moderate 17% THC of Royal Haze can be mostly attributed to its Sativa origin. However, growing it will require a bit more patience when compared to super-fast breeds like the Quick One and the Auto AK, because of the 10-12 week growth period before harvest time (fast breeds take 7-8 weeks to grow after planting instead).

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This hybrid is quite popular in Amsterdam coffee shops. Many a variety of Haze (from its parent Amnesia Haze to Royal Haze) is being used around there. It has a fresh taste that truly is reminiscent of coffee, like this is the cannabis version of the popular stimulant drink. It also has an uplifting high in the sense that it relaxes you, but in a way that’s euphoric instead of depressing. Indeed, the only downside to growing the Royal Haze Autoflowering is that it royally takes a long time—roughly three months—for it to be fully grown.

Where to buy Royal Haze Autoflowering Seeds?

You can order Royal Haze Autoflowering from an online marijuana seed bank and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. Shipping times and fees may differ depending on where you are located at. Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet is safe and private because the online seed banks know that weed is illegal to most countries around the world.

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