Pandora Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Information

Don’t let the inauspicious name fool you. The Pandora seed is not a Pandora’s Box waiting to happen, as though it is the cannabis version of crystal meth. Rather, it’s one of the most vigorous (and not to mention award-winning) strains around. The mostly Sativa strain is a crossbreed with parentage involving Space Queen and Jack the Ripper. It has a distinct citrusy flavor and has THC levels ranging from moderate to high (15-18%). For the most part, Pandora autoflowering strain users feel uplifted, energetic, and happy. They’re less euphoric and creative, so this is a type of cannabis that’s less about imagination and more getting a peppy, Dopamine-like pleasure high.

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As for propagation, the Pandora autoflower strain can be grown in greenhouses, indoors, and outdoors. The feminized, autoflowering Pandora strain  (also known as Pandora’s Box) is easy-to-moderate in difficulty when it comes to growing because on  one hand, it’s self-propagating and auto-flowering, but on the other hand, it should be grown indoors mostly because it’s sensitive to the elements and outdoor growing can affect its yield significantly. With that said, you might be interested in trying out the outdoor growing approach, because even though it has a lower yield outdoors, it can grow up to 120 cm there (in contrast to the sunless 90 cm growth indoors).

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With 65 days of flowering time from planting to germination to full growth (roughly 9 weeks), it’s not super-fast (the Quick One can grow from planted seed to full-grown pot plant in 7-8 weeks) but it’s not super-slow either (the Royal Haze requires a whopping 10-12 week propagation period). This compact, medium-sized plant has aromatic buds and a firm yield count of 60-450 g/m² depending on where it’s planted and the conditions surrounding its planting. The top yield is an impressive 100 grams per plant.

Order Autoflowering Pandora Strain from the Internet

Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet is safe and effective because the online seed banks have been doing this kind of business for quite some time now and they know how to get their products to go through customs without any problems. You can order cheap yet high-quality Pandora cannabis seeds and other high-quality marijuana seeds with worldwide discreet delivery on the internet now.

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