How to Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Method

growing method autoflowering cannabis

It’s no exaggeration. The growing method autoflowering cannabis is taking the marijuana world by storm. This trending technique is the best way to automatically flower your marijuana seeds without sunlight reduction (the normal seeds don’t automatically flower, which means unless you take really good care and attention to them, you’ll end up with a flowerless plant). Sunlight plays a huge part in the flowering of the cannabis plant. With auto-flowering seeds, you can get buds growing within seven weeks (depending on the strain).

How Should You Grow Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

You should have a good start when planting an auto-flower because it has such a short vegetative growth period. Even though marijuana is a photo-period plant, an auto-flower is advantageous because you don’t need to stimulate a cutting with 12 hours of darkness indoor to make it flower. However, just because it is auto-flowering doesn’t mean the plant is automatically self-maintaining. You need to pick the right strain for outdoor planting, or else you’ll get fewer yields. You should also best start them off indoors under lights before moving outdoors and trying your luck there.

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If you’re growing cannabis, the results and yield will vary depending on the strain and whether you plant them outdoors on a plot of land backyard or indoors in a pot. Some strains work better indoors, others work better outdoors. If you are growing your auto-flowering marijuana seeds outdoors, you need to wait about seven to eight weeks. If the plant strain isn’t the insect and disease resistant type, you should also put some natural insecticide around, like introducing predators or everyday tending.

Should You Use Fertilizer on Growing Method Autoflowering Cannabis?

Aside from erring in the side of caution and giving the plant the indoors treatment to maximize the level of light/dark exposure (even though auto-flowers can grow outdoors thanks to it flowering with the long periods of induced darkness), proper portioning of fertilizer in accordance to the cannabis strain you’re using will ensure that its roots growing method autoflowering cannabis in a better state. A small but regular dose of fertilizer will go a long way with an auto-flower.

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With the right amount of fertilizer made exclusively for cannabis use, you’re guaranteed that your auto-flower seeds will take in a lot of nutrients into it, thus giving whatever strain you’re using ample and optimum food for their development. You’re likelier to receive the top centimeter growth from your marijuana plant as well (since they’re auto-flowering and thus you need to kick start their growth in the earliest possible time). A great auto crop, once neglected and unfertilized, can end up with a lollipop stick for a bud instead of something usable.

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