Should You Buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds or Not?

why buy autoflowering marijuana

Most of cannabis seeds will start to flower during the last days of summer. This is when the days starts to grow shorter, reducing the amount of sunlight that they receive. However, what makes Auto-flowering marijuana seeds better is because the amount of light is irrelevant. It will still flower even if it receives tons of sunlight.

Is it cycle shorter with Auto-flowering Seeds?

There are a lot of breeder who claims that these seeds can finish in just about 7 – 9 weeks and some claim it could even finish earlier than that. Keep in mind that having an auto-gene present will not make the plant grow any faster. However, a dwarf auto is an exemption. It can give quick harvests but the yield on is small.

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The bottom line is, when you buy autoflowering marijuana seeds, you need to factor in the time the plant starts to show their sexes which is around 21 – 28 days plus the flowering period which is an average of 8 weeks. You are looking at 10 – 12 weeks cycle which is almost the same as a regular pot seed cycle.

Does auto-flowering cannabis seeds give higher yields?

Auto-flowering or not, the yield of a pot plant still depends on the growing cycle. It all comes down to the environment conditions, amount of nutrients and how long is the cycle. If the plant receives a proper amount of nutrients and grew on an environment with excellent humidity then there’s a likely chance of having high yields. You have to know that when aiming to harvest a high quality smoke, the growing period is very crucial.

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Is the Quality on par with regular Cannabis Seeds?

The simple answer is yes. When these marijuana strains first came around they are of lesser quality when compared to the auto-flowering pot seeds we have now. Overtime, these seeds became popular and the companies started to improve the quality and offer different variations. There are many aspects that has been improved drastically such as the yield amount and quality.

The one downside of these seeds is the THC percentage. It has yields with lower THC due to the effect of cannabis ruderalis when compared to the strong indica’s and sativa’s.

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When deciding why buy autoflowering marijuana, you need to consider not only your capability but your priorities as well. These seeds are not perfect – they have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you  to decide if these pros outweighs the cons.

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