Buying Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds: Legal or Not?

Growing marijuana is very popular nowadays. There are tons of channels that you can look into to learn the basics and forums to share and learn skills that you acquired by experience. Taking a step back, before you can grow cannabis, you need to get your hands on the seeds. The question now is: is buying auto-flowering seeds legal?

It’s a very huge question and the answer differs from one grower to another. There are state and even local laws to consider. It can be legal on one state but not on the other and it can also be legal to the state but not locally. You need to know these things to avoid complications.

Is buying Auto-flowering Seeds Legal

What is the Difference of State and Local Laws?

When you want to order auto-flowering marijuana seeds online or through pick-up, you need to know the law pertaining to such. State laws are implemented state-wide while local laws are of much smaller scale like a county. It is best to check both the state and local laws are checked before jumping into the whole marijuana scene.

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What is the Maximum Allowed Number of Marijuana Plant?

The law allows a certain number of cannabis plants per patient and these differs from one state to another. You can purchase auto-flowering weed seeds as many as you want but note the plant limit on your state. Take the state of Montana for example, they limit it to 12 seedlings or 4 mature plants while the state of Nevada has 7 plants which can be broke down to 3 mature and 4 immature plants.

Is there a Fee for Buying Auto-flowering Pot Seeds?

Aside from the shipment fee and tax, there is no additional fee to pay to the government when you buy auto-flowering cannabis seeds. There can be a fee that is added by your auto-flowering seed provider. Growing them, however, is a different matter. There are states that requires a certain fee to be paid which starts from $15 and can be as high as $200.

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It doesn’t matter whether you order marijuana seeds online or not. You need to be aware of such laws in order to avoid any legal problems. Today, there are tons of states who tolerates marijuana to an extent and their leniency widely differs. Not everyone approves of activities pertaining to marijuana and it is best that despite being legal on your area, an exercise of secrecy is always a good way to go.

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