Male Autoflowering Marijuana Plants – Do they Exist?

If you are interested with growing autoflowering marijuana plants then you can order high quality marijuana seeds for growing auto-flowering marijuana plants from online marijuana seed banks. There are a lot of those seedbanks and if you observe them they only sell Feminized Auto-flowering strains.

These kinds of strains are also referred as Auto-flowering Feminized marijuana strains or AutoFem. It’s pretty awesome these strains because they are quick flowering and will provide you with high quality buds with high THC content.

Are there any Male Autoflowering Seeds to Produce More Seeds for Me?

That might be your question especially if you are concerned with growing more plants with the same strain. However, online marijuana seedbanks do not sell male autoflowering marijuana plants. They do exist but they are hard to come by.

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Why do Online Marijuana Seed Banks only Sell Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

With the ever growing popularity of marijuana, more and more people have been growing and using it for medical and recreational purposes. With this, most of the growers are first timers or just those who want to get their own weed supply. By providing those growers with autoflowering feminized strains, those kinds of growers won’t go through some problems with growing their strains because they are quick and they are female plants which will produce high quality marijuana buds and not seeds.

If you are after for a good smoke then go for the feminized marijuana strains. If you are a breeder then go for the males but the cycle won’t end because you are at 50% possibility of getting female seeds from a male plant.

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With the ever growing popularity of autoflowering feminized marijuana strains, more and more marijuana companies, breeders, and seed banks produce and breed new varieties of this kind. You have wide array of options for autoflowering marijuana seeds to choose from. If you want speed and quality then this is the strain for you.


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