Quick One Autoflowering Marijuana Strain for Growing Quick Harvest Weed

As an automatic feminized seed, Quick One is able to live up to its name by being quick in more ways than one. It’s actually one of the first strains developed that can “auto-flower” genetically. It is also considered as the fastest growing strain. Speaking of genetics, this cannabis hybrid is 60% Indica, 30% Ruderalis, and 10% Sativa, so it mostly has Indica-related properties. Furthermore, every seed of the Quick One variety is feminized, thus flower development from the plant happens automatically and can be readily harvested after 55 days or 8 weeks after planting and germination.

The Quick One plant is a compact, small kind of cannabis plant, hence its height is only ranging from 50 to 60 cm. This is in stark contrast to later auto-flowering cannabis strains, like the monstrous Auto Pounder (60-100 cm) or even the “slightly bigger under optimum conditions” Sweet Red Poison (60-120 cm). Regardless, going back to its quickness, Quick One Automatic should be your go-to-strain (aside from the Auto AK) because it can go from seed to plant in eight weeks or less. As expected of one of the first auto-flowering hybrids to have a stable yield and dependable harvest. It’s not as high-yield as the Auto Pounder or Auto Candy Kush, but like the mailman, it always delivers.

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Within 45-55 days, you’ll acquire Quick One yields of 250-300 g/m² whether it’s indoors or outdoors. What’s more, the end result is something that’s strong, tasty, and fast. Based on the original strain known as Lowryder, this Indica-dominant cannabis plant offers a pleasant and intensely relaxing stone that isn’t as strong, trippy, or psychoactive as later hybrids of hash; more to the point, it has enough Sativa to make for a good time, but it’s mostly something you’d take to keep things mellow and cool.

Where to Order Quick One Automatic Feminized Seed?

Quick one is one of the premium auto-flowering cannabis strain available in the market now and you can order its seeds from an online marijuana seed bank. Make sure to check the seed bank if are legitimate or not. Read reviews about them and ask them if they offer discreet worldwide shipping. The online marijuana seed banks accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, bitcoin, and other payment methods.

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