Auto Candy Kush – Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

auto candy kush

California’s finest Kush genetics were gathered and crossbred with the Auto Pounder to form Auto Candy Kush. Quite a lot of experimentation was done in order to acquire a sweet (hence the name) and fine Kush variety. Therefore, the resultant crossbreeding between Auto Pounder and Kush is an autoflowering, huge-yielding (400 g/m²), and delicious auto-flowering Candy Kush and Auto Pounder variant. It’s quite easy to grow. From the seed up until harvesting, it takes as little as 65 days up until 75 days to get a proper yield you can make use of. When grown in soil, it reaches a bushy and dense 60 centimeters, thus this Kush will stay relatively low while propagated indoors.

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Auto Candy Kush is also excellent when it comes to branching out, offering an abundance of bud sites while still producing a huge central cola that’s coated in frosted resin. The amazing genetics of its Kush parent ensures that the Auto Candy Kush is resistant to both pests and mold. Furthermore, when grown in the most optimal of conditions, you can expect a massive 400 g/m² yield, thus making it a high yielder that’s only second to its parent, the monstrous and highly propagating Auto Pounder (which has a 450 g/m² yield).

As for the CBD and THC levels, they’re quite high (at around 20%). It’s not the highest around, but it’s high enough to give a significantly powerful and intense body stoning that allows it to have possible medical applications in terms of insomnia or pain relief. If a user wishes to experience a heady and sweet high from a flavorful type of Kush weed full of sweetness it’s been named “Candy” then this is the strain to have. Its high has been described as almost narcotic in nature, plus it has pleasant overtones of burnt caramel and spice in its taste.

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Where to Order Auto Candy Kush?

Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet has never been this easy. Buying marijuana seeds on the internet like the Auto Candy Kush is very easy and secure. Most online marijuana seed banks offer worldwide discreet shipping for their high-quality marijuana seeds. There are some seedbanks that give away some high-quality free marijuana seeds for every purchase you make.

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