Super Automatic Sativa – Should you Grow This Marijuana Strain?

Auto-flowering and feminized seeds are the recent development in the growing Cannabis plant. The Super Automatic Sativa or commonly called as S.A.S. is a result of crossing the popular Super Silver Haze reversed strain of Amsterdam to Automatic X strain. Just like its fast flowering mother strain, the Super Automatic Sativa is also characterized by auto flowering capabilities when grown in desirable conditions. While the Haze was known to have empowered the Amsterdam area, this resulting strain from its genetic cross with Automatic X brings a brand new effect and fragrance that is highly recommended for beginners.

The optimum conditions for its auto flowering capability are to plant it in healthy and aerated soil in an 18/6 light cycle. This is to allow the roots to stretch out effectively for higher auto flowering results. Planting it indoors may begin anytime and it should be grown from eight to ten weeks. For an outdoor setting, begin planting the Super Automatic Sativa seeds around May or June and harvest them by August. It is generally described to have a maturation cycle of ten weeks so it is best to harvest them at the maximum growth period for a fuller cannabis experience. The plant height of Super Automatic Sativa can vary between medium and tall height and maintaining the aeration in soils is important to facilitate its effective flowering yield.

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The expected range for the yield of this strain is from 450 to 500 grams per square meter and has a relatively high percentage of THC. What makes it desirable for all is the combination of its flavor or fragrance. The distinctive smell is marked by a piny and fruity taste, specifically the citrus scent and the expected hint of the silver haze. The high sensation is described as soaring with euphoric effects.

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