Auto Diesel Feminized Marijuana Strain

Auto Diesel Feminized seeds are a combination of ruderalis, indica, and sativa genetics, its physical aspects however closely resembles indica genetics while having short and white leaves. The growers find it rewarding to see that the flowers and golden leaves turn purple when it reaches maturity and about ready to be harvested. This entire process takes about 70 days providing a yield of at least 300 grams for each plant. The typical growing period is from April to November.

It is considered to be one of the easier types of seeds to grow. This makes it an ideal starting plant for a beginning grower. Although this is still a good option for seasoned growers who are looking to grow easy but satisfying yields during harvest time. Most growers choose to cultivate this seed using the Sea of Green method due to the uniformity of the way it grows. Some growers who are to start growing later than the usual start of planting season also tend to prefer Auto Diesel Feminized seeds because of its characteristics particularly the short total cultivation period.

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When harvested, the yield produces a smell that resembles a lot like diesel smell with a touch of citrus scent. The taste however is sweet with a tinge of grapefruit, which is totally in contrast with its strong cerebral high which is attributed to its Sativa genetics and its THC content which is about 16%.

While it is a prominent diesel smell upon harvest and before using it, it tends to have an earthy coffee impression when smoked. The strong cerebral high is described to be an energetic feeling, allowing one to have a relaxed and mellow outlook after smoking Auto Diesel Feminized.

Auto Diesel Feminized went through about three generations of breeding before it reached its current stable state of 100% auto-flowering breed.

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