Auto Berry Feminized Auto Flowering

This bluish, peacock tail-like marijuana is the most successful cannabis strains for many years. The bluish color of this plant is a result of crossing with the mixture of grapefruit and blueberry.  This was mixed to spice up the strain. As a result, it becomes more flavorful and resinous like Auto berry Feminized Auto-flowering, which make it better compared to its original strain

The plant is dwarfed, which makes the growth lower and the auto flowering comes out after 60 days from sowing. Its aroma is remarkable. It has a fruit berry smell and it tastes like it too. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor plants, they can begin sowing from the month of March and can be harvested at the month of May.

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Even thought the blueberry strain grows shorter compared to other types of strain, they can grow faster and be ready and just a 2 months or less. The automatic blueberry plant is ideal for high latitudes and for early short season planting. This strain can produce up to three crops every season in outdoor planting.  The growers in Mediterranean climate have great advantage in sowing. After the sowing, the plant will be ready to harvest after 10 weeks or less. It can also be best for indoor planting as long as it is on a proper and correct climate and conditions.

This strain can be crossed on different aspects that suit your flavor and taste. Its design is attractive, in which it consist of blue and purple colors with the taste of the blueberry. With proper condition, the right soil and the right season, you will get the right results.

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Where to order Auto Berry Feminized Autoflowering Seeds?

You can buy cheap Auto Berry Feminized Auto-flowering cannabis seeds from an online seed bank and have the seeds shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. There are some marijuana seedbanks which offer freebies like free seeds and a lot more. If you want to grow some marijuana plants, then go for the auto-flowering and Auto Berry Feminized Auto-flowering might be the weed for you.

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