Autoflowering AK Marijuana

auto ak cannabis strain

The Auto AK Cannabis strain is a vigorous cannabis strain that develops the typical Indica way: You’ll get compact conical buds, numerous solid and strong side branches, and a giant main cola with every fully grown Autoflowering AK Marijuana. In the best conditions possible, this marijuana variant offers a growth spurt of more than one meter, although it’s 50-80 cm on average. It has a distinct, strong smell (not as pungent as the Critical Cheese Auto, but powerful enough for you to remember) that combines with a citric undertone (it’s as sweet and fruity as a Lowryder scent or even a Candy Kush, Orange Kush, or any Kush variant).

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The Indica/Sativa hybrid known as Auto AK has mostly Sativa qualities in light of its genetics. Usually, in order for the plant to flower, you’ll need to wait for 7-8 weeks or 49-56 days for it to flower, but thanks to its crossbreeding perfection, it’s been cut down to around 45-55 days instead, even when grown indoors. This feminized marijuana strain has gained a lot of popularity since the Nineties. Its parent strains are of Afghan origins, the Shiva and Skunk strains, plus it has a bit of Jack Herer to it as well, so it’s in many ways a three-way hybrid (Jack Herer itself is a three-way hybrid of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze).

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It has quite the high indoor yields (400-500 g/m²) that you’d swear it’s not an auto-flowering plant (it is, and yet it’s capable of competing against other high-yield auto plants (like 450g/m² Auto Pounder and the 400 g/m² Auto Candy Kush). It can even out-yield most traditional cuttings, at that. Furthermore, the Auto AK is quite resistant to disease and pests, ensuring a good outdoor yielding crop that’s highly efficient in its propagation regardless of weather conditions. Once smoked, you’ll acquire a relaxing, long-lasting, calming, and powerful effect.

Where to Buy Auto AK cannabis strain?

Buy Auto AK cannabis strain on the internet and have your seeds shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. A lot of people have doubts about the different online seed banks because of the possibility of getting ripped off. For as long as you do your research before buying from these online marijuana seed banks then you are all good. There are freebies and discounts that you may get when you buy from an online cannabis seed bank so grab the chance now.

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