Afghan Feminized Auto Flowering Marijuana Plant

auto afghan feminized marijuana

Auto Afghan feminized marijuana is one of the most known strains of cannabis or marijuana. This plant is from the Middle East from the Kush mountain of Afghanistan where its name was taken from. This is purely Indica and is naturally very tall. With proper breeding and care, the size of this plant can be regulated on a more stable level.

The strain of Afghan is renowned for its strong and concentrated CBD and THD levels. That is why it is high in narcotics, which makes afghan a very popular strain for genetics and consumption. Because of its few leaves, the afghan plan is not hard to trim. Its fat and dark green leaves are attached to its long and strong branches. The aroma of the plant is strong. It has the smell of afghan ash and the small scent of coffee and moss. Its tastes are like the combination of leather and honey.

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It is good both indoors and outdoors. For indoors, you are going to need a big pot that can hold 10 liters or more to hold the growth of this plant stronger. For outdoors, it is better to start sowing during springtime. You can see that is has a huge resemblance to the conventional strains as it develops. The best place to grow is in good soil where they will receive sunlight more often.

This auto-flowering strain can be combined with other flavors. The narcotic effects of Afghan and the resinous buds can be combined with Mass automatic. There are other strains that you can develop and grow for auto flowering. The strain of afghan has more varieties so you can select what is best and favorable for you. The flowering of this strain can be within 8-9 weeks from October to November.

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Buy Auto Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can buy Auto Afghan Feminized marijuana seeds and other high quality feminized, regulars, and autoflowering cannabis strains. For quite some time now, the online marijuana industry has been very successful. There are a lot of people who have purchased their seed items on the internet because it is safe and hassle-free.

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