An Overview of Terpenes and Marijuana

terpenes and marijuana

Terpenes are organic compounds that are present in many plants, such as hemp, pine, and lavender. It has the characteristic that produces fragrance for most plants. The scent and taste of fruits such as lemon, mango, citrus, and fresh orange peel are due to the existence of particular terpenes that inform the specific flavours and aromas of the product. A mixture of terpenes is responsible for the aromatic compounds of the plants. Terpenes and marijuana can also be found in insects, with its fragrance being present, these hydrocarbons’ evolutionary goal was to dissipate the existence of insects and other herbivores that would feed on plants. 

Marijuana is a mixture of green dried leaves, it is popularly known as Mary Jane. Other slang languages like pot, ganja, and hemp are used to describe marijuana. Its scientific name is Cannabis sativa, the leaves, stems, seeds, and roots of cannabis are mostly used to ingest by users or patients to ease the feeling of anxiety and for the purpose of feeling intoxicated. Marijuana or cannabis is considered an illegal substance in some parts of the world, but there are countries where this cannabis are used for recreational and medicinal purposes to cure patients with nausea, cancer diseases like chronic illness, and people with low appetite, marijuana is a great help. In this article, you’ll be able to learn ideas and facts about terpenes and marijuana, its side effects on people, and potential types to be used for consumption. 

Types, Effects, and Benefits of Terpenes and Marijuana

The cannabis plant contains over a hundred different forms of terpenes, each figure has its own advantages, which are also present in numerous other plants. Terpenes have two main classifications,  day time or night time use of strains. This cannabis will either contribute some side effects like an energy boost, elevate the mood, and improve focus. It will also make you feel relaxed, helps calm the nerves, and sleepy when ingested. Below are a selection of terpenes you should try. 

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  • Myrcene- has the potential to make you feel all sorts of euphoria. It has a fruity and earthy aroma that will make you feel relaxed and intoxicated. 
  • Linalool- has the potential to reduce anxiety. It has a lavender-like scent that will help you calm down. In some particular issues, linalool is an effective treatment for people with skin problems like acne and pimple breakouts. 
  • Terpinolene- has additional special sedative effects that are worth looking for. It can be found in some plants such as apples and lilacs. Its effect is immediate because it operates directly on the central nervous system, it will make you drowsy, since it has a sleep-inducing effect. 


  • Cannatonic- known as the Marijuana Strain for anti-anxiety. Cannatonic is also considered to be the world’s #1 high-CBD marijuana variety, and it’s certainly one of the finest hybrids. It is considered to be a rarity in that it has relatively high THC and CBD levels. Cuts can have up to 15 % THC and 12 % CBD in Cannatonic. It’s a G13 Haze and MK Ultra cross, and it’s a balanced combination. This suggests that it’s 50 % Sativa, 50 % Indica. This strain makes you feel euphoric and calm as if all the problems of the world were taken off your shoulders.
  • Three Blue Kings- generally recognized as the New Kid on the block. This is a hybrid Indica-dominant and takes the market by storm. It’s a cross between the Three Kings and the Blue Dream, so it’s not difficult to find out where its name comes from. Blue Dream is one of the highest-selling strains ever as you undoubtedly know, so it’s fascinating to see such a hyped hybrid coming out of its lineage. With a THC level of up to 24%, Three Blue Kings is an extremely potent strain. It reaches you with a strong high body that helps alleviate tension and keeps nice and relaxed muscles.
  • AK-47- popularly named as the  Marijuana Strain. AK-47 was cultivated in the Netherlands in the 1900s. Its THC content varies from a reasonable 13% to a strong 20%. Consumers tend to have a relaxed feeling sensation next to a mood boost. AK-47 is an uplifting strain, perfect for dealing with stress or depression. It is also used to cure people with anxiety, loss of appetite, and chronic diseases.
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Does Tarpenes make you high? 

The sensation of being “high,” however, which can involve “couch-lock”, delusions, somnolence, anxiety, and other psychogenic symptoms, is not what you will get from these medications. A complex group of compounds is called terpenes. They were instead, known for their medicinal effects. To mitigate conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and depression, many terpenes and marijuana have been used. While terpenes may have some potent uses, there are no psychoactive effects reported yet. 

Types, Effects, and Benefits of Marijuana 

There are only three types of marijuana, here are as follows:

  • Cannabis Sativa- it has long leaves, fragile, narrow, and ideal for outdoor growing given their height potential. This plant does not bloom quickly because Sativa takes its precious time, and there may be little impact on even changing the light cycles. If the seeds have no spots or marks it will create a smooth effect. This strain is very effective if you want to be up and busy throughout the day. It will boost your mood and motivation, it gives you ideas and a fresh mind to think of new concepts. With a great effect of cannabis Sativa, it has the potential to battle certain diseases and illnesses, such as ADHD, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. 
  • Cannabis Indica- has a shorter growing period than their Sativa counterparts, and they grow only 25-30 % in height once they start flowering. Cannabis indica usually has dark green leaves, although some specimens show purple to blue tones. These leaves are composed of blades that are shorter and broader, designed to minimize the loss of water during transpiration. This kind of marijuana is effective to treat people having a hard time sleeping or insomnia, muscle spasms, suffering from headache,s and migraines. It is also helpful to calm people with anxiety and to lessen the pain you felt.
  • Cannabis Ruderalis- has a fairly short stature that rises in about 20 to 25 inches. It is also similar to Indica, which has very thick foliage. Ruderalis has an exceptionally early and rapid flowering period as it grows farther north than any other form of weed, so before cold weather strikes, it does not have to have the luxury of time to mature or to bloom. 
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Does marijuana get you high? 

Usually, the effects of a cannabis high that is inhaled or smoked last for a few hours, but it can take and last longer for edibles to start affecting consumers. Although marijuana in some states is legal for recreational and medicinal use, in many areas of the country it is still illegal and strictly prohibited. It is very necessary to note that cannabis is a strong compound. Cannabis can pass through the placenta, so it should be avoided by pregnant individuals and teenagers or minors. Finally, synthetic cannabinoids such as spices can cause serious damage and the ability to drive, particularly among occasional users, is impaired by cannabis. 


At this point, you’ll be able to realize the full potential of Terpenes and Marijuana. Hope this will be a great source for you to find out what are the effects and benefits of terpenes when ingested and the impacts of marijuana when abused. 

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