Amnesia Skunk Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Info

amnesia skunk auto

Auto-flowering seeds of cannabis has improved after several years of making trials and doing research about its selective breeding. Because the auto flowering trait of the cannabis is not evident upon the growth of the plant, cannabis growers have come up with genetic manipulation so that the plant will be able to express the gene for auto flowering. There are several auto flowering cannabis strain that have been bred today and they vary on their distinctive characteristics. These strains are developed for different reasons. Some are created to have stupendous yield while others are made to achieve stronger and long-lasting effects, flavorful combinations of odor and taste, and desirable medicinal effects. While there are cannabis varieties that highlight only those best traits they want to achieve, getting the Amnesia Skunk Auto will provide all what you need.

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This Amnesia Skunk Automatic cannabis strain is the result of three strains genetically blended from the Amnesia Haze, Original Skunk, and Ruderalis. The seeds of this auto flowering strain are feminized and the variety is known to be comprised of mostly sativa. Growing the Amnesia Skunk Auto does not need high maintenance because its favorable growth conditions can be either indoors or outdoors. Planting them on a controlled setting like in greenhouses will also be effective and it gives an ideal yield of 450-500 grams per square meter.

For beginner cannabis growers, planting this Amnesia Skunk Automatic strain will be of help because the flowering time begins after 60 days and the harvest time follows on the next month. Its THC concentration is nearly 21%, which is relatively high and may result to an uplifting effect for the users. The taste is marked with sweet haze hints and has a fruity floral odor that gives a relaxing feeling to those who use it.

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Where to Order Amnesia Skunk Automatic Marijuana Seeds?

Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet has never been this easy nowadays. There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks which have marijuana seeds for sale. You can find Amnesia Skunk Automatic in an online marijuana seed bank which sells this strain for cheap.

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