What is an Amnesia Haze Strain?

amnesia haze

There are different types of cannabis strain out there. Each strain contains its unique content that drives you further as much as you want to. Right now we are going to talk about an Amnesia Haze strain. This plant has a misleading name; it is considered as a Sativa dominant hybrid. Despite its potency, it will not give you a severely impaired cognition. This was created when a staple strain Haze combined with several types of landraces including, Thai, Afghani, and Hawaiian. This cannabis may actually offer you a précised memory rather than losing it. Within its genes, an Afghani indica delivers an equal cerebral high. The strain is mainly preferred by some users because of its uplifting vibe and rich taste.

It won first place during the 2004 Cannabis and Best Sativa in 2012 Cannabis Cup. The THC content of Amnesia Haze that ranges from 20% up to 25% helps it to achieve these awards.

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This strain consists of chunky and dense flowers that project an indica and Sativa features. Depending on how you cultivate this plant affects the buds to turn greenish to a yellow shade. A rust-colored pistil catches the pollen from another male cannabis plant and stands out than the leaves.

The Effects upon Consumption

This is very rich in a content type of strain. The smoke that it produces is smooth when inhaled. The flavor when exhaled is somehow alike to Haze strains, spicy and citrus-injected flavor. The pungent smell may occur upon consuming Amnesia Haze and you must take note of that. The high can go up in an instant, including cerebral perception and immediate awareness of surroundings. On the other hand, this cognitive sharpening strain can lead to euphoria. Users may experience an improved mood as well as gaining energy to finish some tasks. Amnesia Haze contains enough levels of indica to provide relaxation and pleasure. The mixture of powerful mind and body effects created this strain a perfect choice for activities that tackle mental and physical traits. In the medical field, Amnesia Haze can improve a sense of focus and help those patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This strain can also raise your appetite but take note that those people who have an anxiety disorder may experience paranoia.

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Develop an Amnesia Haze

When you are planning to develop this type of strain, you may consider growing it indoors. Amnesia Haze requires humid weather with a consistent temperature between 72-80° Fahrenheit. It can be simply cultivated indoors but plants are more kind of indica type and reach horizontally with a bushy body that doesn’t usually exceed 3 or 4 feet. Producers should trim fan leaves at the top of the plant in order to let aeration and light consumption occur. Amnesia Haze takes a long time to mature; it can bloom within 10-12 weeks. This tough strain is best for commercial producers to gain profit. Some home growers can raise Amnesia Haze plants from seed or from trimmings taken from its clones. The flowering time can obtain 60 grams per square foot of the plant.

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Feedback from Other Customers

Despite its rarity, Amnesia Haze is a popular strain in a location where weed is legally grown. Its well-balanced effect leaves users several outcomes that can be written down the history of cannabis. There are several comments and feedbacks about the effects that this strain can deliver. According to some users, it enhances tolerance and is very essential when walking down the park with your pet. Hallucinations may occur during night time.

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