Amnesia Haze Automatic – An Autoflowering Marijuana Strain

The Amnesia Haze Automatic is actually the result of the many years of breeding made by various growers who are intent on creating the best cannabis strain ever. This plant is actually a mix between the original Amnesia and the Ruderalis.

One should know that the original Amnesia haze has its downsides, actually. The main disadvantage is that it usually takes longer period before the Amnesia haze can fully flower. Another disadvantage is that growers may also have a hard time growing this strain because it can grow exceedingly tall. This is not good for discreet growers and growers who only have limited grow space.

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The Solution:

With all this drawbacks, the dawn of the Amnesia Haze Automatic Auto flowering soon came into the picture and finally solved the problem with regards to the issued confronted by original Amnesia Haze growers. This particular strain still provides the same effect, aroma, and flavor but then the original growth and flowering time of this strain have been significantly reduced. Moreover, it also allows the plant to also be limited in terms of its height. Thus, this means that it now provides much convenience for the grower in terms of its growing marijuana methods and harvest time.

One should know that since this is still Amnesia Haze, every grower must be very much careful as to how much nutrients should be given and provided for such strain. Indeed, this type produces a very high yield with the best quality. However, if you under feed it or even over feed it, it may not be able to grow right as it should. The Amnesia Automatic Auto-flowering is very much sensitive to nutrient provisions.

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The taste of it provides a sweet yet spicy flavor. Moreover, it also provides that wonderfully euphoric high for its users.

Where to Buy Amnesia Haze Automatic Cannabis Seeds?

You can buy cheap Amnesia Haze Automatic seeds from an online marijuana seed bank. Most people are scared of buying on the internet especially if they are living in a country where marijuana is illegal. Well, there is nothing to worry about it because these online seed banks have a lot of ways on how to deliver your seeds in a very discreet manner. If you pay with credit card, then nothing related to marijuana seeds purchase will be indicated in your bank statement.

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