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Today you will discover another strain that few consumers can remember. This type of strain has been used by many and preferred by some experts. There are benefits that you can obtain when you cultivate and consume this weed. Some weeds can be used medically and some can be used for recreational purposes. Now we won’t be wasting your time and let us discover what an Alien OG strain is. It has a relative in Californian weed which is the OG Kush; Alien OG is an alien strain with unique traits. This is a Sativa dominant that’s been created by crossing a Tahoe OG Kush and indica Alien Kush. Alien OG offers a wide psychedelic high with balanced cerebral stimulation and relaxation on your physical structure. This strain contains a THC content of 20% to 28%, and truly a potent strain to consume. If you are a beginner in the cannabis community, you should prescribe or take precautions before you use this type of cannabis. After reading this article you might want to grow one and use it for recreational purposes.

The Effects of  Alien Og Strain when Consumed

Several cannabis can deliver effects, this strain can also offer its desired effects needed by the users. Read and be amazed at this strain’s offered outcomes.

The buds of Alien OG are small and nugget-like buds. The flowers often contain a dense bud structure, some genes are more Sativa and have fluffier leaves. The leaves appear as light green and some orange vibrant pistils, which their structure allows the female plants to catch and obtain pollen for reproduction. As referred to in its THC content, this strain has a sweet, citrus-like aroma with a glimpse of lemon coming out from the cured buds. You can also observe an earthy and fresh pine flavor. When flamed, the flowers can offer a spicy aroma that is usually on the OG genetics. The smoke can be very smooth yet lung-expanding that the smokers can observe pungent strain. Its odor can flow for a matter of time that can give you different feelings. This includes

  •         Relaxation
  •         Euphoria
  •         Happiness
  •         Uplifting Vibe
  •         Creativity
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This strain can also be used as a treatment for several issues like

  •         Stress
  •         Pain
  •         Anxiety
  •         Depression
  •         Insomnia

Planning to Cultivate one?

If you are planning to grow a strain like this, you need to measure your capabilities when cultivating one. You should also be patient when growing your weed because some weed can take time before they flower. This strain is better grown in an indoor area. Alien OG is known to have issues developing a root system and you should supply it with Rockwool and nutrients when first cultivated. This strain can flower within 8-9 weeks when grown indoors and gives an average yield. You should have the experience of growing a plant, if not; you can ask for advice from different growers or read some articles on the internet on how to develop one.

Materials that needed when growing cannabis strain:

  •         Medium (Soil or Hydroponics)
  •         Aeration
  •         Lighting (LED or Sunlight)
  •         Nutrients
  •         Water Supply
  •         Growing area

These are only the basic things you need to cultivate cannabis, there are also efficient things you need when you cultivate 2 or more plants.

Purchase your Strain Today!

Obtain your own strain like this Alien OG and experience the effects it offers. Inquire at your local cannabis store and ask if this type of strain is available. If you are having difficulty traveling, you can also turn on your phone and cite through the internet to find a legitimate store that sells this type of weed. Start your cultivation today! And be a part of the cannabis community!

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