AK47 Autoflower Marijuana – What you Need to Know about this Strain

ak47 autoflower

Are you in search of a well-known strain that brags as the most awarded strain in history? Ak47 autoflower is what you’re looking for. It is an award-winning cannabis strain for its outstanding Indica and Sativa properties. In this article, we’ll know more about these strains’ popularity and quality and how it can be appreciated.


This strain holds the best genetic properties because of its parents, AK-47 and F1 Lowryder that lead to its autoflowering properties. It’s Lowryder genes makes it a suitable strain that can be grown whether indoor, outdoors or in any type of growing medium such as soil and hydroponics. 


This strain is widely popular for its one-hit effect capability. Expect for a strong incense-like aroma that has a well-balanced hint of sweetness and spiciness. Its flavor produces a mouthwatering freshness of fruity and earthy-sweet flavor.

Its distinct taste and aroma contributed a lot by its physical appearance, it grows to be a small-medium height that appears to have a tall, wide and large calyxes. Its trichomes are covered with crystal resins that have bright red hairs.

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This auto-flowering strain is known for its uplifting high properties that make you feel the happy vibe. Consumers who use it in moderation experience a strong sense of cerebral buzz. Another reason why it is favored by novices and beginners is its long-lasting effects. Aside from its mental benefits, this strain contributes a lot to the medical field because of its psychological and physical properties.

 It’s THC level of 20% is useful for its psychological treatment while its CBD level aids in the treatment of some psychological symptoms. Some psychological disorders that can benefit from this strain are Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and PMS. 

When taken in a higher dosage, it might have some minor adverse reactions such as dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness, headache and it may result in uncontrollable giggles. Its munchies may experience but it is on a positive side because it is helpful for those who lose appetite due to chemotherapy.

Benefits of AK47 Autoflower Marijuana

  • An ideal choice for beginners

Because of its resilience to plant diseases, adaptability to growing environment and manageability, this strain is perfect for those who do not have much experience in growing cannabis. 

  • Short flowering period

This is an autoflowering strain that gives you an enormous height and yields without waiting for too long. It also allows you to do multiple harvests in every season.

  • Great therapeutic benefits

This strain has activated compounds that not all cannabis strains offer. It has properties that enable patients to look at the brighter side of life because of the relief it gives.

  • Average Power

This strain has reached a level of potency that is not overpowering. It does not give a high that distorts sensor nor it does not give a high that is not too low that can’t be felt.

  • The small-sized cannabis plant

This is a great variety of choice if you have problems with locations. When the environment condition outdoors became harsh you can easily store it indoors. 

  • Growth is scheduled

 Proper lighting is important to the growth if cannabis. Growing this strain, no matter what the lighting is, it would still follow a growth schedule embedded on its genetics, it follows a certain amount of time when to proceed to the next growth stage.

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  • The inconsistent speed of growth

This strain tends to flower and mature at different rates because there are different factors that affect its growth. If you plant this strain at different pots at the same time there are chances that one pot will grow and mature first.

  • Picky on growing environment

Since this strain is an autoflowering strain, even though it does not need much light, it prefers to stay in a well-ventilated environment that is not too humid. When growing indoors, you must provide equipment that provides a well-ventilated environment leading to a costly set-up. When growing outdoors, make sure to observe the weather conditions all the time.

  • Less cannabinoid content

Unlike regular strains, this strain tends to have a lower THC and CBD content but surprisingly it still provides a punch that is satisfying like regular strains can do. 

  • Strong Smell

Its smell is an indication that this is a potent strain, however, if you want to use this strain discretely it might be hard for you to do so because it’s strong smell can be noticed at a distance.

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AK47 Autoflower Marijuana is another jewel on the cannabis world that offers great potency and effects. This strain focuses more on the stronger points that it can provide rather than its production. If you prefer a strain that offers fast maturing buds yet incredible potency then go for this auto-flowering cannabis strain.

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