All you Need to Know about AK47 Autoflowering

ak47 auto-flowering

The AK47 Auto-flowering is another promising strain of cannabis derived from a genetic cross between AK-47 and F1 Low ryder strains. This powerful feminized cannabis strain is also capable of auto flowering, which is mostly inherited from the AK-47 mother strain. The F1 Low ryder characteristics can be seen on the offspring strain’s strong aroma and high production of resin on its buds. The flowering time is relatively short, which is automatic from the third week and you can actually gain an instant yield by harvesting it ideally anytime from May to October. The AK47 Auto-flowering strain is suitable for any planting conditions and the harvesting can be done as early as 70 days.

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This AK-47 and F1 Low ryder cross strain is a cannabis type mostly sativa although it shows to have indica and ruderalis types. This strain can grow at a height of 50-75 centimeters and may reach nearly a meter when the planting and growing conditions are optimal. Setting is not a problem for promoting its growth because it can grow indoors, outdoors, or even in a greenhouse where environmental factors are being controlled. However, if one wishes to plant the AK47 Auto-flowering seeds at an outdoor setting, it is recommended to plant them anytime from May to October. The plant is resistant to diseases so there is no doubt that planting becomes unsuccessful. It is one popular choice for first time growers as it is easy to grow them.

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The genotype from F1 Low ryder strain results to resinous buds with strong aroma. The strong fragrance has citrine hints, exhibiting the fruity, sweet yet spicy smell of the original F1 Low ryder scent. Indoor growing would yield for only 50-75 grams and to get as much as 250 grams or more, choose outdoor planting of AK47 Auto-flowering seeds as it can yield 500g/m2. The THC level for this strain is known to be high and undeniably, it is a powerful and fast-maturing cannabis strain.

Where to Buy AK47 Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds?

If you want to grow AK47 Auto-flowering marijuana seeds then you can order some from an online marijuana seed bank. You don’t need to travel to a seed store just to buy your seeds because you can order online and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. There are a lot of online cannabis seed banks out there where you can order from.

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