Advantages and Disadvantages of Cannabis Autoflower Defoliation

cannabis defoliation

Expert marijuana cultivators and those who run a marijuana business know how important it is to produce a good volume of yield using cannabis defoliation. Not only will this make the business stable and sustainable, but it will also help with the branding of the company. For this very reason, marijuana seed banks are relying on bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds that will help their customers and their companies.

If you are a veteran cultivator, you already have an idea of what works for your marijuana strains and those that give off high market value. You will need to do lesser research as you have done this all when you were beginning.

Autoflower defoliation is no longer a new concept for some growers, this is a method largely used for the marijuana plants to give off more buds. But please beware that if you’re a novice cultivator, this might not work just yet. This will take time and a lot of practice. But for the meantime, you can refer to this article if you want to know more about autoflower defoliation and how it affects the marijuana plant.

What is Cannabis Defoliation?

Cannabis defoliation is a proven method to increase yield by experienced growers. In essence, once your marijuana plants start producing buds, it is recommended to remove some leaves to increase light penetration. 

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Just like any living organisms, plants should be treated with utmost tender loving care. Plants need to feel that they are well taken care of that’s why they need to be well-groomed. When removing the leaves growers are tricking the plant that it is for aesthetic purposes and this makes the plant a happy one. And a happy marijuana plant will give off a higher number of yields.

Gradually and gently remove the small leaves from the lower nodes as they grow. Stripping a young plant might become stressful and the plant might stop producing buds. Focus on the leaves that might hinder bud growth. You can also remove upper leaves if they bring too much shade on the marijuana plant. This pruning process promotes dense and thick bud growth by helping the plant get in proper shape.

Why do growers use Bulk Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

If you are a beginner cultivator and this might seem a jargon for you, just remember that not all marijuana seeds are the same. Bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that will automatically produce buds at 3-4 weeks of the germination process. By the time they reach 3 months, they are ready for harvest. This time frame is actually shorter than most marijuana strains that’s why most growers prefer to use this.

Advantages of using Cannabis Autoflower Defoliation

Here are some advantages growers swear by using cannabis autoflower defoliation

  • Need lower nutrition level

Autoflower cannabis seeds have been known to have a lower need for nutrition levels compared to other marijuana strains. Growers don’t have to up the nutrition intake of the plant as this is not necessary. 

  • The shorter time frame needed to produce yield

Unlike for other marijuana plants that will take 4-6 weeks, it will only take about 3-4 for buds to start appearing on autoflowering seeds. Harvest time can be expected during the third month while for others they will have to wait for 4-5 months to get their first harvest.

  • Can be done on indoor or outdoor plants

The good thing about cannabis autoflower defoliation is that it can be done wherever your marijuana plant is located. Since the main goal of defoliation is to make sure that the buds are exposed to a healthy amount of sunlight, growers can increase sun exposure or light exposure for the plant.

  • Plants don’t waste resources on small buds

The main goal of cannabis defoliation is to ensure that the buds good for yielding are given proper nutrition by having them exposed to a healthy dose of sunshine. If the leaves are trimmed properly and certain buds are exposed, growers will know that these buds will get the highest nutrients and the plants will focus their nutrients on these buds.

  • Higher yield

By removing the distraction, it will allow the marijuana plant to produce more buds since it’s getting enough nutrients and light exposure. A higher yield is the main purpose cultivators use autoflower defoliation and a plant that gives a good number and quality of buds, the more successful this procedure has been.

  • Higher profit

What could be better than getting a high yield of marijuana buds? It is getting higher profits from them. By making sure that the marijuana plant is producing a good number of buds, the cultivators ensure that their business is well taken cared of. Buds are continuously growing so as the opportunity to sell them.

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Disadvantages of Cannabis Autoflower Defoliation

  • Stress

Plants who undergo too much defoliation may be exposed to horrific light exposure. This will not allow them to process the nutrients they have inside, thus it will burn them. Too much stress will eventually impede on their bud production, they may start producing lesser or even smaller buds that are not good for selling.

  • Not for all marijuana plants 

The autoflower defoliation is not intended for all marijuana strains. If your plant is sick, has stunted-growth and slow-growing, you will not reap the benefits of defoliation. Your harvest will also be of bad quality and might not have any market value.

  • Recommended for expert growers

Since pruning the marijuana plant may be tricky even for those cultivating marijuana for a long time, it is not recommended for newbies to try it immediately. You wouldn’t want to cause stress on your expensive marijuana strains and sacrifice the quality of buds that they will give off. It will take a lot of practice in order for you to perfect it but just be patient and you will get it. 

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Now you see why cannabis autoflower defoliation is used by expert growers only. But don’t lose hope, because, in time, you will have the opportunity to use this once you have mastered marijuana cultivation. Keep in mind that a happy marijuana plant equals better yield and an even happier marijuana grower.

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