5 Best Marijuana Apps for Buying Marijuana Seeds

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The legalization of cannabis has its share of disadvantages. For instance, consumers and retailers are complaining about cannabis shortage, business scams, and low-quality buds. For consumers, these setbacks will cause them a lot of money and it would be difficult for them to find a reliable vendor if they are looking for the best marijuana apps or website to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds, given that there a lot of dishonest ones circulating in the industry.

On a different note, trusted retailers will have a hard time selling their products because of all the scams happening around them. This means that, whether you are a user or budtender, you will be affected by all of these.

Cannabis growing and selling are still flourishing. The southern states are beginning to consider the benefits that cannabis can provide. From west to east, marijuana strains have established a strong group of productive business companies and small-time owners. They usually breed cannabis to help consumers and retailers.

The cannabis industry is advancing and it uses everything from business intelligence to social media and DIY growers to DNA mapping. Influencers include all sorts of people, including couples like Instagram’s @thathighcouple. Since we are a nation that’s mostly made up of consumers, cannabis production is expected to be fast. This is because users want to access their product right away. With this demand, breeders and retailers use effective marketing platforms and point of sale software. This enables smooth transactions among owners and consumers.

5 Best Marijuana Apps to Buy Seeds


Using Google maps technology, Weedmaps is a utility that shows cannabis-related service or company near you. If you want to find the nearest dispensary or cannabis bar or even a seed shop, Weedmaps will be able to tell you. It is not just a map app, it also helps you find people who are also into marijuana. It is evolving to be a one-stop-shop app for people to meet one another. Finding a seed vendor is easy with this app.

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Weed Scale 4.20

This is a weed scale that’s conveniently built for a phone. It is free for android devices but it isn’t available for Apple users. The developers of this app wanted a simple thing: they don’t want consumers or growers to get tricked by their suppliers. With this, they built an easy access weighing scale that you can install on your phone. However, this is only for light smokers since it can only weigh a limited amount of cannabis. It is best for measuring 1-5 g of weed.


This is a green-thumbed aid for those who grow cannabis in their home. It is free for both android and apple users. This app allows users to record the essential data about the needs of their plants so they wouldn’t grow as a sad crop and die in the long run. The founders of the app wanted growers to achieve a bountiful harvest of healthy buds.

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GrowBuddy has an all-in-one growing system that takes cultivating to the highest level. It aims to assist growers in planting their cannabis using the hydroponic system. It utilizes a deep-water culture system that places the roots of the plant on top of the water instead of being down in the ground. GrowBuddy encourages growing cannabis in water, instead of soil.

What makes the hydroponic system from GrowBuddy different from others is the fact that it is an internet-based grow box. The user just needs to upload the information about the plant in the app, and then the system will track the nutrients and water while controlling the correct temperature. This application allows the user to see the progress of their plant even if they are away. This is perfect for first-time and expert growers.


This application is a customer relationship management platform that is suitable for cannabis business owners. Popularly known as the “Salesforce of Cannabis,” Baker assists dispensaries in improving their relationship with their customers. It caters to more than 1,000 dispensaries all over the world.

By making CRM and sales less complicated, Baker helps business owners catch up to the latest marketing trend. It is an amazing user-friendly platform and it is guiding aspiring business owners to succeed in the cannabis industry without facing complicated CRM.

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This is an all-in-one delivery service for all cannabis-based products. If you are an android or apple user, then you are lucky because this app is free. You can use it to order a meal, snack, grocery items, and any form of munchies that your heart desires. In just a few minutes, your order will be delivered on your doorstep. The delivery options depending on your location and the availability of the stores and restaurants that joined the app. However, since the bandwagon has been expanding over the past years, many have hopped in the app, so whatever food cravings you have, there’s a great chance that you can order it right away.

Best Website to Buy Marijuana Seeds

When looking for the best marijuana apps to buy marijuana seeds, you have a lot to think about aside from the laws and regulations that govern your state. But, if you are from the UK or US, these laws are the last thing you will think about because authorities don’t touch this certain aspect. Though they might target growers, users are non-priority. This is an essential piece of information that every cannabis user should take note of. Aside from that, there are also trusted seed banks and helpful marijuana apps that you can depend on if you are planning to order cannabis online.

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