10 Reasons Why Your Autoflower Seeds are Growing Slowly

why autoflower growing so slow

Auto-flowering marijuana plants are naturally fast growers and you could harvest them in as fast as 8 weeks depending on the variety. But there will be times when you would notice that a plant or an entire batch of your plants grow slowly or much worse, could be wilting or dying. Here is a breakdown of the 10 reasons why autoflower growing so slow.

This could be the first reason why autoflower growing so slow or plants that do not grow as fast as you’ve expected. Old seeds no longer have the same vitality as young seeds. So you better buy seeds only from a reputable seed dealer.

It is a well-known fact that auto-flowering marijuana plants love light and airy soil which is of the sandy variety. Planting your auto-flowering plant on clay soil will only stunt its growth or kill it due to the sensitive roots of the auto-flowering plants.

It is recommended that you should plant your auto-flowering seeds directly onto the pot where you plan to leave them in their lifetimes. This is because the roots of the auto-flowering marijuana plants are very sensitive and do not respond well to being transplanted.

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This also warrants that you should get the correct pot for your auto-flower plants from the beginning because you may not be able to uproot them and transfer them to another pot. A good pot for auto-flower plants is one that is deep and has many holes for aeration and drainage. You should get a pot size depending on the mature size of your crop:

Plant height 30cm: 7.5–11l container
Plant height 60cm: 11–19l container
Plant height 90cm: 18–26l container
Plant height 120cm: 22–37l container
Plant height 150cm: 30–37l+ container

The light airy soil that your auto-flowering plant prefers does not retain water and nutrients much. That is why you must be vigilant in making sure that you put fertilizers on your crop regularly. But you have to be sure that you do this sparingly and not too much because auto-flowering plants are used to the small number of nutrients in their natural environments. Too many nutrients will not do your auto-flower plants any good too.

Auto-flowering plants are naturally adapted to the soil that does not hold much water so putting much water on your soil even if you are confident that it drains well may not be any benefit to your plant as you may be drowning it instead.

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Auto-flowering marijuana plants thrive in an 18-hour light cycle so care must be given that it is maintained. Also, make sure that you have good light distribution around your plants. If you light it for less than that, expect stunted growth for your plants.

Outdoor growers seem to take more advantage of the sun due to its intensity. Despite having only 12 hours of lights in some areas, the intensity of the sun is enough to feed the auto-flower plants with light to make them grow to their fullest potential.

The light that is too intense or near your crop will just burn it. This also affects your seeds while they are in germination as seeds must be kept in total darkness and should be given light only after they started germinating.

Auto-flowering plants and seeds thrive in a temperature that is about 27 degrees Celcius. Too much of a drop of excess from this will negatively affect your plants’ growth.

You must constantly test your soil’s pH levels so that it remains neutral which is not acidic or alkaline. Different factors affect the pH levels of your soil such as your water or even the fertilizer your add-in. If you find any changes in your soil’s pH levels, try to have diagnostics first and rectify the problem once you’ve identified the culprit.

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Auto-flower plants thrive in specific light spectrums. During their vegetative state, your plants must receive cooler light and in the flowering period, they must receive warmer lights. This is because auto-flower seeds germinate during spring and flower during summer and you could mimic this natural phenomenon in your indoor lights using LED lights with different color temperatures. Some CFL lights may also have this option to choose different colored lights.

If you notice any stunting in your marijuana plants, it is best to investigate and check why autoflower growing so slow and all the different parameters above that you may be lacking in and apply the cure after you have discovered the problem. Auto-flowering marijuana plants naturally thrive in nature, so you must mimic these to get the most out of your auto-flowering plants in their growth and yields.

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